Listening To The Thunder And The Truth

The Boulder and the Water

The Boulder and the Water

EAGLE LAKE, CA—The thunder rolled across the sky like giant boulders rumbling down an invisible mountain. Overhead, the clouds sprawled dull and lazy and thick—light and soft above but dark and bloated below. A hundred yards away, two geese stood quietly on the shore as the lake sat in stillness, reflecting the stormy sky while shimmering in anticipation of the rains yet to fall.

The thunder rumbled again and I saw in my mind’s eye a massive boulder tumbling down a mountain, uprooting trees and destroying anything in its path.

I saw the difference between the lives of the selfish and the selfless.

Most people live their lives like boulders crashing down a mountain. Bending and breaking and even destroying what Is for what is wanted.

There’s another way to reach the Ocean.

In the Tao Te Ching, the Tao—the Source of all there is—is often likened to water. It flows effortlessly. It provides life to everything it touches. It is soft and pliable and patient.

It is selfless.

Yesterday, Michelle wrote to me:

“The lesson I am being taught lately: Listening. Listening to nature. Listening to other people. Listening to my emotions. And listening to god/tao/universe whisper to me. This is made much easier when I can realize I don’t have to be governed by this pesky self. This isn’t easy but is much more clear, soft, and resonant with truth. When I can embody listening, I am a vessel… Not a hammer.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

When I can embody listening, I am a vessel… Not a hammer.

– Michelle Martin

Selfless. Not trying to Do, but simply listening to what Is. Not crashing like a boulder, but effortlessly flowing like a river.

Not being the thundering hammer… but the quiet receptive vessel.

What lies below your thoughts? What lies below your “pesky self?”

Do you want to find out the truth of your nature?

Then just listen.

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