Miracles, Mystics, and the Divine

The Sun and the Tree

The Sun and the Tree

MT HOOD, OR—I’ve never been much of a believer in the biblical miracles, but—assuming they did happen—I wonder if they would have happened if a Mystic wasn’t involved:

  • Would the flood have happened without Noah?
  • Would the Red Sea have parted without Moses?
  • Would one of the two thieves crucified on the hill have been resurrected had Jesus not existed?

Maybe TaoGodHer needs Mystics as a sort of a conduit or catalyst for Her will to manifest.

If that’s the case, I think the world could use a few more Mystics—Mystics much more clear or empty than I currently am.

Because the world we live in today could certainly use a few more miracles.

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9 thoughts on “Miracles, Mystics, and the Divine

  1. Depends what you mean by miracles Wayne. Is a miracle something which would not ordinarily happen (eg a healing ?) Or an event which defies logic, ‘science’ cannot explain or is beyond human understanding (plenty of scope there)? Is it ‘good’ (like a plane crash where no-one is hurt)? Or does an exhibition of superhuman skills qualify (Tiger Woods?). Or is it that life exists at all, unrolling in incredible complexity every moment, yet taken for granted by almost everyone ?

        • Yes thank you, however my experiences are much like pearls that I would rather not cast to such criticism and egotistical scrutiny as the public could offer, not trying to be negative, just realistic. I meant to offer an affirmation of an experience of the feminine aspect you refer to as Her. My experience and philosophy is very private, the only thing I would mode to be public would be my own self improvement. I suppose you could say it is very sacred and better kept to ones self other then to act upon its message. There is really otherwise no need for broadcast for public views. I do however commend you in your journey.

  2. i’m with andy. life itself is the miracle. and the mystery. in that sense we are all mystics.

    of course, some people have special skills and abilities, seemingly superhuman. but they are not superhuman. we are all human (isn’t that amazing!) and all part of the mystery of existence.

  3. God will create miracles and miracles will happen, if God needs a hammer to make it work God will create the hammer so that the miracle can be done.

    That said I’m not going against the idea of more mystic, more mystics around the place sounds like an all round good idea.

    Yahwah, Bless, Amen.

  4. I agree with you all. I think the reason religions suffer so much is that there are no “big” miracles anymore, but I see “little” miracles everyday (synchronicities/luck) and have previously posted about common miracles.

    My hope is that with a greater awareness of synchronicity/luck increasing as ego decreases, that this will provide evidence (not proof sadly) in the existence of a Divine intelligence and help motivate those sitting on the fence to see the benefits of dropping/weakening their egos.

  5. If we co-create reality with God, then God isn’t omnipotent and doesn’t control reality, and God needs creatures (humans, animals, rocks, etc.) Aloha! Aliman.

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