Muse Interrupted. Moose Interrupted.

Moose Interrupted

Moose Interrupted

TETON NF, WY—The weekend campers had all left, so I had my choice of all the free campsites along the Snake River that I could ever want… but I also had an idea.

Being too creative can be a curse in its own way. You never get anything done.

The muse within is God within, I’m certain of that now. The less there is of me, the more creative I’ve become.

This morning, I awoke with a wonderful idea, and since I do my best thinking while driving, I jumped into the driver’s seat and drove past all those wonderful campsites.

I thought and I planned and, when I found a camp in Wyoming with great connectivity, I researched.

As I was making an afternoon cup of coffee—deep in thought—I looked up to see this moose out my back door. She saw me, waggled her ears and ambled away.

Moose/Muse interrupted.

Damn the mind. Possibly the book, possibly new students, possibly this new idea. I honestly don’t know which way we’ll go.

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4 thoughts on “Muse Interrupted. Moose Interrupted.

  1. A common occurrence for me is that you will use a word I don’t understand and i will have to go check it out. Today you used the word “muse”, uncertain of its meaning i checked it out, no closer. My original feeling was that it is related to creativity and it is by definition which got me closer to understanding “the muse within”.

    “The muse within is God within” vs “the creativity within is God within”. the creativity within is the best i have to understanding the muse within. One otherr option for muse is “the observation of creativity” which would translate “the observation of creativity within is god within”. Could you clarify, ive been back through you post and im not sure?

    • By “muse” I mean the personified aspect of creativity, much like I personify the Divine by calling it “Her.” With the duplex personality, it feels like another being/intelligence within this same me-thing.

      Not sure that helps clarify though, but don’t worry if it doesn’t feel the same in you. We are each built differently according to our history and culture.

  2. so instead of “the observation of creativity within” it is more “the embodiment of creativity within”.

    Either way, from the experiences of the divine within it is not pure creativity but it is the creative and the logical it is neither one separated but both in harmony

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