My Spring/Summer Plans: Stumbling Serendipitously

Sweet Spot. Bad Light.

Sweet Spot. Bad Light.

BEELER WETLANDS, CA—Low on water, my plan was to fill up at the nearby campground, then drive north to Klamath Falls for a couple days to wait out the Memorial Day weekend.

Well, I filled the water jugs, but that was about as far along the plan as I made it because I happened to stumble upon a mysterious and hidden waterfowl stopover/lake/reservoir-thing filled with ducks and geese and ospreys and starlings and snowy white pelicans… all to myself and with 4G internet connectivity.

Mysterious and hidden because it doesn’t show on the map until you hit “Satellite View.”

Anyway, I didn’t make it to Klamath Falls yet. Best laid plans and all.

I’m low on food so I expect I’ll just stay the night but who knows? We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

My spring/summer plan is to head up to Bend, OR, then over to the coast, then up to the mouth of the Columbia River. From there I like the idea of following the river upstream as it winds its way east and north to the Canadian border. This has the added benefit of taking me by Mount Hood where I can spend some quality time with my Frog Master.

Of course my previous plan was to follow the Sierras up their western side, and the plan before that was to follow the California coast up to Washington…

Best laid plans and all.

I guess I’m not much of a travel planner. Planning just feels too restrictive for my tastes. I jokingly call myself a Mystical Drifter, but drifter really is a more appropriate term than traveler or nomad or RV’er.

And I like drifting.

Contrary to popular opinion, drifting through life is kind of a cool way to live.

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