No. No. Let Me Say It One More Time. No.

Camp In The Sierras

Camp In The Sierras

SOMEWHERE HIGH IN THE SIERRAS, CA—I left the counter clutching a stack of flyers and maps that had been forced upon me by a smiling, pleasant, and upbeat forest ranger. She seemed very pleased with herself, having dispensed all sorts of information about the national forest just outside Sonora. As I stumbled away, my mind reeled with what had just happened. It would have been much simpler if she’d just given me a single slip of paper saying, Whatever you want to do here… no, you can’t do that.

With the population and temperatures and Forest Service restrictions soaring, I did what any brave, rebellious and heroic man-of-the-people would do: I left the maps and flyers on the sink of the restroom and ran away like a little girl.

I fled eastward. Eastward toward the other side of the Sierras and my only hope of solitude, sanity, and freedom.

A couple hours later, high up in the mountains but still west of the Sonora Pass, I stopped for lunch in a quiet and peaceful forest clearing. As I ate my sandwich I thought to myself, places like this are why I chose to live in a van.

Though I’m sure I was breaking a dozen rules and regulations, I stayed in that beautiful spot the entire night.

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6 thoughts on “No. No. Let Me Say It One More Time. No.

  1. If only i wasn’t working I’d be in places like that 24/7(ish) :/ i’m doing a few days in the tent every few days for the time being.

    i need to figure out dropping the job and surviving.

    One day Yahwah will take me there, for now I must crack on for Her sake 🙂

    Yahwah, Bless, Amen.

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