On Fires And Flow

Not The Sweet Forested Camping Spot

Not the Sweet Forested Camping Spot

EUGENE, OR—I awoke to the smell of smoke. “A campfire,” my mind said in its early morning fog, but I quickly realized there weren’t any campgrounds or dispersed spots close enough to be smellable.

“Someone burning trash between here and Sisters,” my mind stated oh so confidently.

Minds are so cocky that way—such know-it-alls. Always stating theories as truth.

Still, I’m not one to live in fear, so I went about my morning routine. An hour later a smoky haze could be seen high up in the trees, and though I couldn’t see a wildfire cloud, I figured this sweet, forested camping spot—a pleasant home for the last few days—was toast. Toast not because I expected it to burn, but because my mind would be constantly asking about the condition of the fire.

As a mystic, I believe that there is an Intelligence operating behind everything. So when the river of Life becomes turbulent, I take this turbulence as a sign. A sign that it’s time to let go of whatever I’m clinging to and flow with the River. To flow with Life.

So I got in the van and I drove off.

Surrendering to the flow of Life is such a simple concept—and it’s a beautiful way to live.

It’s also an excellent spiritual practice.

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4 thoughts on “On Fires And Flow

  1. So, was there a fire? I mean, if your intuition suggested to you that you had nothing to worry about, then your pulling up stakes was just cow-towing to anxiety, and I don’t see how that would be going with the flow (I’m just playing the devil’s advocate here).

    • No, there was no anxiety, just a mind that would be constantly checking and looking for answers that it couldn’t get (the turbulence I spoke of). My intuition didn’t say anything about if there was danger or not, but that the smoke was Her way of saying it was time to move on (I had been there a couple days and was wondering when I should head into Eugene).

  2. There is not just know it all minds out there, that is only the conditioning that mind has been through. A mind can be conditioned differently. It can be conditioned however you’d like,
    You can condition your mind so it states what is seen, or to see what is not there, whatever.

    My mind is conditioned to view possibilities and to not rule any out, never choosing anything it comes up with as truth. kind of like a possibility calculator.

  3. Dear Wayne,
    Fire is transformation and I understand the impulse to move on. You did what I would do…. and I’ve been doing Vedic Fire Homas for over 30 years…..ceremony with Fire and Sound to create atmospheric change, which then changes everything else. Sometimes change is what you are looking for and sometimes not. Good to know which it is that you are wanting in the moment. You might be in a surrendered mode, but, even that mode has decisions and realizations. Being grounded and listening to the common sense that is coming through is likely to be a good thing. Keep enjoying All That Is….that’s all any of us can do! Hawk Devi

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