Preparing For A Direction Unknown

Awaiting the Wind

Awaiting the Wind

OAK HARBOR, WA—I spent the last couple of days in the Olympic National Forest on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, finishing up some van projects that seemed to need to be finished before I can…?

I sprayed foam in the gap under my new cargo door step, hoping that it will keep it from cracking from repeated stepping in and out. I attached a latch to a cabinet that would keep popping open on bumpy roads. I stuck tiles up on the bare wood wall that anchors the shelves on the passenger side. And I rigged up new blackout curtains—nothing more than $4 red bath towels from Target that “just happened” to fit perfectly over the windows. With the limo tinting, I rarely use blackout curtains but they come in handy on occasion. Because of the tinting, the “curtains” don’t need to be as opaque, so they can be of a lighter fabric. The towels, hung on hooks with grommets, are lighter, more colorful and easier to put up than the pieces of carpet and magnets that I used to use. Rolled up tight, they store in a third of the space that the carpet did. So there’s that.

Oh, and I kept up an ongoing battle re-taping the ceiling tiles that apparently didn’t like the humidity of the rainforest of the Peninsula. Note to self: next time, use the 20 lb. tape and three strips of it per tile.

I was also offered some programming work from two different readers—work which I passed on. These offers were nice surprises, and I’m grateful, but I think it’s (almost) time to take my work, my income, in a more spiritual direction. With this new freedom—freedom of time, freedom from internet connected camps, freedom from being constantly on call, freedom to create—I’m feeling a pull in a more authentic direction. A direction yes, but the destination is still rather vague.

And it is that pull, that feeling of direction, that seems to have been behind getting all those little van projects put to bed… to free up time and energy to…?

Well, to do more for you than I have.

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One thought on “Preparing For A Direction Unknown

  1. Hi Wayne,

    So…you quit coding and now you are a

    www stand for Wayne (the) Wanderer Wirs 😉
    you spin your web with the thread of your blog…
    More seriously, i appreciate your blog, find lot of inspiration.
    For me you are kind of “Paul Brunton” or Indiana Jones of spirituality digging into Humankind to reveal the treasure : the essence of human being. Thank you to encourage me to start the journey following your example.

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