Signs. Signs. Everywhere a Sign.

Bud and Flower

Bud and Flower

LONGVIEW, WA—An hour after yesterday’s post—where I was guided to help a guy get his truck started—I drifted onward, went to check out a Walmart for a possible overnight stay, and two parking spaces over… sat another guy in a truck who couldn’t get it started. Even before he saw me, I backed out, pulled in next to him, and said, “Need a jump?”

A few minutes later, his engine idling nicely, he said, “Man, I was just looking up to see if there was anyone around who could help and ‘Bam!’ you just appeared out of nowhere.”

It felt as if I was directed to these spots. To help out my fellow man.

And it felt good.

Just like before, it felt like it was a service call, that I had been sent there specifically to help this guy. I hopped into my van, waved, and drove off.

Last night, as I lay in bed, I contemplated these coincidences—that if She wants to provide a purpose for me, She will. I was thinking about these things because I was seriously—very seriously—contemplating quitting my consulting gig because not only was it not flowing, but it was excessively dramatic and I could find no way to ease the tensions and disagreements between myself and Jim, my client.

“Bing.” I reach over and look at my phone. It’s an email from Michelle explaining how a financial “bump” had awakened her survival mode. I smiled. Not at her distress, but at the shear enormity of the coincidence. I was just contemplating a serious financial “bump” myself. I shouldn’t be surprised by these synchronistic events—especially with Michelle—but I always am.

This morning, I wrote a long email to Jim, explaining my reasons for quitting… but I didn’t send it. I wanted to be sure. Not for how it would affect me, but because of how it would affect Jim.

A few moments later, I received an email from another van dwelling friend who had recently found himself unemployed and was enjoying his newfound freedom.

I went to a park and took a long walk to contemplate if I was ready to send the email to my client—if quitting was the right thing to do. Though I was pretty sure it was, I looked up into the sky and—and this is very unusual for me—asked Her for a sign if I was on the right path.

Just then, three egrets flew overhead.

“What? What the hell does that mean?” I thought, confused.

As I lowered my head, a van, the same model as that of the van dwelling friend I’d just talked with this morning drove by.

Question asked. Egrets. Question answered.

Ok, I don’t know what the birds had to do with anything, but the van was a sign (newfound freedom).

I sent the email.

Today marks the first day of a new phase of my life: I quit the contracting gig I’ve had (off and on) for the last seven years or so.

I’m looking forward to what She has in store for me next.

Stay tuned.

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14 thoughts on “Signs. Signs. Everywhere a Sign.

  1. Wow “coincidentally” I’m going back to work tomorrow after quitting my job almost a year ago in a very similar way that you quit yours. Have fun and as you know every step will unfold along the way.

  2. Almost 8 years ago I quit an awesome job as a global VP with a Fortune 100 company that I had worked for 18 years and I had no job lined up to take its place. That was following 25 years of continuous employment with never even a day between jobs.

    During the last 8 years I sometimes found myself curled up in a fetal position crying my eyes out because I “no longer knew who I was”. I learned for the first time what it feels like to not know whether I could make enough money to cover my expenses. I once made obscene amounts of money, over the last 8 years I lost obscene amounts of money. I started several companies and folded almost as many because they failed. While I used to be pretty good at firing people who worked for me when it was necessary, it was a completely different experience for me when I took a job that wasn’t right for me and I eventually got fired. For the first time since graduating High School I did not make enough money to pay taxes. When people asked me what I did for a living, I had absolutely no idea what to tell them.

    Yet during these last 8 years I have experienced more personal growth than ever before in my life. I’ve been a meditator for over 16 years and even taught beginning meditation classes to others but I have never learned as much from meditating as I have by “losing myself” over the last 8 years.

    I used to have a lot of questions and feared death quite a bit. Now, I’m not sure I have any of the answers but I no longer need the questions. And death? I’m more curious now than afraid. Someday I’ll find out, I suppose but for now it’s not on my mind.

    While I haven’t dropped everything (like my personal self) the way you seem to have, Wayne, I did drop the personal safety net of my job. It really sucked but end the end it’s been the best thing I could have ever done.

  3. Hello Wayne,

    I am compelled to leave a comment, as it is so synchron with what is happening here. Yesterday, a man out of my deep past (before intensifying of my longing for freedom and begining of serious practise) came to visit. He left me with a deep unsatisfied feeling, like something is or is going to get seriouslly wrong. That trigered a fear that was there untill I fall asleep. In the morning I continue to have some unease combined with a feeling of movement deep inside. Then, by checking my mail I saw your new post. I began to read it, and it was looking relativlly uninteresting (already known)….and then “bang” in few lines it cleared up for me, big changes are comming, it has to do with my current job and it will involve mony shortage.

    Just one question for you: Why she mostly let everything crumble down, before she opens a new door? Why is it not possible to open a new door, before closing the old one. Why must it be filled with unsecurity and unease….is it the only way to learn?

  4. Used to have a keen interest in symbology and possessed a book on birds as symbols. TBH as with most ‘scrying’ I didn’t find the discipline consistent or helpful. Just briefly looking through now online there are distinctions to make between cranes, herons & storks, singly or in groups, flying or standing and that for starters! It may be enough just to notice what is going on ‘within you and without you’ 🙂

  5. So many comments is because quitting a job is like watching someone try to defy gravity. Modern caveman must eat. To eat he must have money. To have money he has to have job. But this is good stuff Wayne. U fed the beast and now as in reality tv the beast will have it’s say. Normally it’s around this point all the wheels fall off just when the safety net is gone. She against the beast. Keep us updated.

  6. You know Wayne what strikes me most with you? It’s that (you told) you are ready to commit suicide if your quality of life gets too bad.
    My choices in life seem more limited because (though there where thoughts of suicide in my life), I didn’t see that as an option because, though I might “come back”, the quality of living THEN seems far from granted. I feel it may be even worse. It may be like some suffering that I can’t bear and, in addition, the feeling of extreme powerlessness to change it…
    Moreover, I felt the quality of life “between lives” after suicide was very uncertain, it might be very dark and lonely (at best), and also there may be difficulties in finding a new body to incarnate.
    I seem to have that fear concerning suicide, although this life was almost impossible for long periods of time. Who knows, I may have committed suicide in one of past lives.
    Anyway, I admire you and your courageous way of living.

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