Silence As A Reply

The Light and the Lake

The Light and the Lake

EAGLE LAKE, CA—I get a lot of emails everyday. I don’t reply to all of them, hell, I hardly reply to any of them. But I do read them all.

Here are three that I’ve received in just the last hour—none of which I’ll reply to, but all I’ve read and taken to heart…

why the fuck u dont reply , u ass hole , a fucking piece of hipocrate ??

– Siddhant (a man claiming to be enlightened)

I have started trying to push the self away. A little apprehensive about this since the teachings tend to state that what you resist persists, but I do find this can give me some more time in this no-self emptiness, if even a few more seconds, and just gets rid of the big old obstacle eating up my attention.

Observation: emptiness (seeing the false self) and listening go hand in hand. I can’t listen unless I am empty. And listening maintains emptiness.

– Michelle (my student)

You’re very welcome, Wayne.

Your blog inspires me more than anything else these days.

– Barbara (a donor)

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5 thoughts on “Silence As A Reply

  1. LOL,silence is golden, a clear still mirror. Sharing u’r experiences and lessons with us, what more do we need?
    Gratefully appreciating u’r mindful silence in the “matter”.

  2. Wayne very kindly took the time to reply to an email of mine a while back when I needed some guidance as I was at a low point in life. For that I am forever grateful. Maybe Siddhant should just simply stop……and listen. It works for me.

    God bless you Wayne.

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