The Tiny-N-Significant

The Tiny-N-Significant

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—I often forget that not everyone who follows this blog isn’t particularly spiritual. To my friends and family, to those of you who follow this blog because you like the photography or the nomad life or are interested in van conversions, I deeply apologize for the last few posts—those were directed at the spiritual seekers who follow this blog.

I do not consider you my “customers.” I have no intention of “firing you.” 🙂

To those of you who know me personally, you know I never push my beliefs on you, and I have no intentions of ever doing so. I respect your personal beliefs as equally as I respect my own.

Likewise, I never intended to push you to take the Vow of NonAbuse. The previous post on my disappointment with readers was not directed at you. To vow not to abuse another is a very difficult and personal decision and I’ll in no way think less of you if you decide not to. I only ask that you “pretend” to take the vow for a few days (don’t sign up or upload anything), to see if your experiences match your initial thoughts on it.

To the spiritual seekers who follow this blog… I treat you as sort of informal students, so I (rightfully or not) hold you to a different standard. I’ll address your concerns soon.

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10 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Geez Wayne,,,guess us spiritual folks are still waiting behind the shed for another lashing? I’m starting to feel a bit abused.

  2. excellent site

    awesome logo too. you come up with that? simple, original, recognizable, clear, all around great logo.

    i like the cool t-shirts and cups as well! but maybe have a tab at the top called “merchandise” or “products” or “gifts” or something that lets users know you have stuff for sale separate from the “support us” tab. just an idea. i think people will purchase the merchandise even if they don’t want to officially make a vow.

    • Some good ideas. Thanks BP.

      Yeah, I was amazed no one seems to have come up with it before. I did all sorts of google image searches for it (circle on hand, circle on palm). Couldn’t believe it. Took it as a sign actually.

  3. Glenn Morrisette’s comments on your earlier post resonated with me. I follow his blog, as well as Randy’s.
    I have gotten over my repulsion at taking selfies, uploaded my photo and have taken my customized vow.
    Be well and be at peace.

  4. I’ve watched my wife struggle with her mission to end the corporal punishment of children. Over the last 3-4 years she has spent tens of thousands of our dollars, reached out personally to literally thousands of people, speaking at conferences, Ted Talks, TV and radio shows – all with slow results. But over that time she has finally collected an audience of about 100 thousand true believers. But it is only through excruciating effort! Its hard for her to understand why everybody doesn’t take action, its such a worthy cause. But I am reminded of a story Krishnamurti told about the slaughter of baby seals. When he first saw the pictures that circulated of the seal hunts he commented “what a horrible shame”. At exactly the same time, the actress Bridget Bardot saw the same pictures and became a tireless animal rights activist until the seal slaughters stopped. Each of us is a programmed mind-body machine, we cannot help but be what we are.

      • Wayne, my wife and I will take your vow, we both read your posts..sometimes I can’t immediately take action since I usually scan the posts in email at work and have to link to the site later in the evening. Do not be discouraged, the idea seems intuitively will eventually gain speed.

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