Desert Grass In The Setting Sun

Desert Grass In The Setting Sun

The Mountains east of YUMA, AZ

Tao: The vast unknowable space which is the source of the “ten thousand things.” Implied by quantum theory’s quantum potential.

God: The infinite intelligence. Implied by synchronicity.

Her: The Lover/Beloved. Distinctly felt when the personal self illusion is dropped and the duplex personality awakens.

Many call Her God. Some call Her the Universe or the Infinite or Being. I used to call Her simply She, but I now call Her TaoGodHer.

I don’t know why.

I just like the name… TaoGodHer.

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3 thoughts on “TaoGodHer

  1. TaoGodHer, a new name ringing harmoniously with my heart :).

    when you view it front on its the name you are using, if you step aside in a way it reads “the way to god through her” not that it is. Like when you look at something with squinted eyes, you know what it is but it looks different.

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