The Art of Waiting

The Green River Flows By

The Green River Flows By

LA BARGE, WY—A river flows gently by my door and a nice breeze passes through the van. At 7000 feet, the foliage is already changing, turning red and gold according to their secret timetable. The trees are far wiser about the seasons than I am, so every few days I head a little further south.

I’ve often said how difficult it is to make personal decisions when the personal self falls away. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m torn on which direction to throw my attention: Students, the book, or this new idea that I’m kicking around.

Sometimes when no path is clear, I’ll just flip a coin and abide by Fate, but other times—and this is one of those times—just sitting around waiting seems to be the way to go.

Now “sitting around waiting” sounds pretty boring, but what consciously not acting provides is a sort of space—a stillness—which allows creativity to flourish and the different projects to coalesce and clarify out of the ether.

As ideas come up, I record them and organize them and take notes, but I don’t act on them until I’m certain of which direction to go.

And so I sit in the van and I wait.

And the river, as it has done for countless ages, flows gently by.

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Waiting

  1. If there’s no-self, then time doesn’t apply and there’s no waiting. Stuff happens in the moment, and we either respond thru spirit or not.
    Wonderful experiencing life moment to moment. It’s impossible to miss. 🙂 Good day to Wayne

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