The Box

The Lake Reflecting Life

The Lake Reflecting Life

OAKHURST, CA—This morning, the honking of geese alighting on the lake woke me from a dream.

In the dream, a man had been put into a box by a demon. The man went through all these gyrations and came up with all these complex plans and schemes to free himself from the box—all to no avail. Finally, I “stepped into” the dream and pointed out that the walls of the box were made out nothing more substantial than tissue paper. Just then, the geese woke me.

The demon (society) has put you in a box (the ego/personal self). To get out, you need to:

  1. Realize you are in a box
  2. Learn to see the box
  3. Want to get out of the box

My previous post provided a powerful technique, more powerful than most will have realized. Ask yourself whenever you remember:

Right now, right this moment, do I need the self (ego, box)?

I believe the question can help you clear all three of the above hurdles.

Don’t think about the answer—it takes no more thought than asking yourself what color clothes you are wearing. Feel the answer. Recognize the answer.

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8 thoughts on “The Box

  1. Thank you.
    Simple direct elegant.
    You said need, not want.
    How to tell the difference?
    A need grows stronger if you don’t think about it – a want grows weaker.

  2. For me, I am thinking of it purely as need–as in, is this helping me at all right now? Like, right at this moment? Is this actually doing me any favors at all? I don’t THINK about whether or not I need the self in general. Then I can FEEL how it’s usually actually a barrier and a trap that is not helping me. For me, whether I want the self or not is irrelevant to this question. It’s more about whether or not the self is serving me.

  3. Do I (consciousness) need (require for survival) the self (however defined). Simple answer – no. The survival of consciousnes is never in question, hence NEED would seem to be what is irrelevant.

  4. is it self that is in question or is it “need”?

    I don’t “need” self, my day will go on without it. do I want self? ego-i/self seems to want self but I don’t.

    Yahwah, Bless, Amen.

  5. I have found it helpful to view Ego not as a thing, but as a principle, like gravity. Its action is to stabilize and protect. You see this at every level – subatomic, atomic, molecular, organ, organism. Problem is, at the level of mind it often oversteps its bounds and starts protecting recurring thought patterns and in so doing becomes recognized as the “self”, ie, that which resists what is in the moment (becoming a barrier or trap as Michelle says).

  6. Good question to be felt in the moment……tweaking it a bit here to, “is the self necessary now?”. Even if there is no longer a belief in the sense of a separate self as a container, the box may show up. It’s not necessary, but does it even enhance the experience in any way? Doesn’t seem to.

    Nice pointer,

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