The Coin Flip

Islands In The Stream

Islands In The Stream

On the Kern River, LAKE ISABELLA, CA—One of the things I forgot to mention in the How I Roll post in reference to flipping a coin is why the coin flip is sacred.

I am a mystic because synchronicity has become an everyday occurrence to me—it has become an expected part of my day to day experience.

Now I am also a very rational man, and I can come up with no other explanation for these everyday, odds defying, improbable coincidences except that there must be an omnipotent, omniscient, all caring being that is involved with my life.

Simple as that. It’s a very rational conclusion:

Synchronicity implies God.

But not only is synchronicity evidence of TaoGodHer, but it also means that She is directly involved in my life:

Synchronicity implies direct communication from God.

Now I’m not special, not in the least. Practically all spiritual seekers will tell you that the more spiritual they become, the more often synchronistic events occur in their lives. This suggests a pattern or even a natural law. It is evidence that something miraculous is going on. In other words:

The less there is of you (by becoming more spiritual), the more there is of TaoGodHer (as evidenced by the increase in synchronicity).

What does this have to do with flipping a coin?

If you recognize that TaoGodHer is already involved with your life, then you can use the simple flipping of a coin as a direct method to ask Her for advice.

But here’s the key: When you flip the coin, always keep in the front of your mind that what you are really doing is asking Her to show you the way.

Flipping a coin with this in mind is like having a two-way conversation with God Herself.

That’s why the coin flip is sacred.

And that’s why I always follow Her advice.

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8 thoughts on “The Coin Flip

  1. I think instead of Her involved with your life you are involved in Her. Synchronicity is Her direction without “You”.I think the coin flip is like a reset button for the unlimited choices we can’t handle.She can but not us. A regrouping of what we can handle, this or that. Then go down either path with her and it was the right choice.

  2. Yes, a good way to “submit” to her. But the difficulty is setting up the choices. Which arise in the conscious mind from somewhere. Of course, all ultimately is her.

    It reminds me of Luke Rhinehart in “The Dice Man”. He always included at least one choice that he *didn’t* want in his list of six choices.

    John D.

  3. Wayne,

    Last November you quoted Meister Eckhart as saying

    ‘You should be like those who at all times watch and wait for their Lord’ (Luke 12: 36). Truly, such vigilant people are alert and on the watch for their Lord for whom they wait; they look to see if He is not by chance concealed in what befalls them, however strange it may be to them.

    Do you think this is a direct reference to synchronicity?

    • Could be. Though the term ‘synchronicity’ hadn’t been invented by Jung yet, Eckhart’s words pretty much say the same thing.

      (Note: you had sent this question in an email to me, but it replying I guess the email address was wrong so it got bounced back to me).

  4. I can just see it now. Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane deciding to go to Calvary or not. Heads ‘yes’; tails ‘no’. Heads . . . D’oh!!!

  5. What would be your viewpoint on these opposite synchronicity’s Wayne:

    A man drives from work. A wife opens the refrigerator. The wife calls the man and asks him to bring home milk. The man stops for milk, notices the high lottery jackpot, buys one ticket. Is the only winner of 15 million.

    A man drives to his friends. Parks outside. A woman takes a walk. Turns down the street where the man parked. The mans car suddenly starts running down the hill behind the woman. Hits her and stops on top of her.

    Both incidents are true. Perfectly timed and executed. One benefiting a person, one killing a person.

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