The Dual Lives of Modern Enlightened Teachers

The Sun Sets on the Gateless Gate

The Sun Sets on the Gateless Gate

LA BARGE, WY—Years ago, I wrote a post, Why Don’t Enlightenment Teachers Blog?. In it, I (not so subtly) implied that the blissed-out state that most teachers present on stage is not abiding—they don’t take it into their day-to-day lives continuously.

The other day, I came across some evidence from 2008 (thanks Lori) that supports this—that the image that enlightenment teachers present on stage is different than their day-to-day life.

Of particular importance is Adyashanti’s phrase (emphasis mine), “…the underlying virus is still very active and gets activated by the energy that flows through me when I teach.”

In other words, while teaching, an extra energy (what I often call Her) flows through him, yet while not teaching, this energy flow is not consistent (though, as in my case, probably happens quite often).

This simple phrase, “the energy that flows through me when I teach,” and its implications, supports a few things I have been saying (and have often been criticized for) for years:

  • The stage presence of teachers is different than their day-to-day presence. On Stage: more TaoGodHer. Day-to-day life: less TaoGodHer.
  • That there is an “other” (intelligence/energy) operating within those who have dropped the personal self. Ie: the duplex personality—the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.
  • The experience of enlightenment/Oneness is a flowing experience. One’s “center” shifts between more contracted and less contracted states of identity (Mortal/Eternal/Radiance/Emptiness).

I see this as very good news. It makes enlightenment/Mystical Oneness far more practical, and more importantly, far easier for the mind to accept, for those who wish to seek it.

I only wish I had heard about it sooner.

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9 thoughts on “The Dual Lives of Modern Enlightened Teachers

  1. Yes, Wayne. That the energy flows is clear to me, in my own post awakening as well. There is however clearly a progression post awakening, at least in my experience, where the contracted self is less and less present and the She-Who-Flows is more and more here.

    That is why this “vessel” for the flow (we are the wands through which the magic moves) often is physically challenged in awakenings. It is clearing, cleaning and purifying–or being purified. Not always a smooth road.

  2. Hi Wayne. Have you ever considered just asking them about this? Many seem approachable. Joey Lott always responds to my emails. Adyashanti did not respond, but he may to an enlightened nonperson.

  3. Hi Wayne,

    I do not consider myself “awakened”, even though I have had an experience of being my soul. But I do find that when I teach others, or even converse with other truth lovers, “her” energy flows through me more and information is downloaded through this vessel. It feels nice, calm. But the Little i is still present 🙁

      • Oh. It’s a little confusing because I would expect an energy flow like this to have a healing effect. His statement makes it sound more deleterious. I wonder if he ran into a situation of having more energy than the body can handle, an experience (spiritual teacher) Dr. Hawkins has reported in his books, etc. -Thanks for the reply.

  4. Glad I found your blog. The above post helps me a lot. As I have a “personal” teacher. I don’t know if I’m fortunate or not. No one can “rid” me of my personal self except me. Grappling with that. I’m glad you blog. I look forward to learning more from your transparency, as I peruse what you have written prior to me finding your site (by way of a Mooji “follower”). Right now, I seem to be questioning EVERYTHING in relation to my “viewpoint” in my Day-to-Day life. I don’t know if that is a help or a hinderance. Guess I’ll find out. And synchronicity will assist me.

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