The End Game

Note: This blog continues at A Mystic’s Journal.

The End

The End

CONGRESS, AZ—It’s time to place this blog on hold.

If I survive my next experiment, I may re-start this site. Only She knows for sure.

It’s time to face the inevitable. It’s time to play the end game.

My next phase—perhaps my final phase—involves less theory, more walking, and more spiritual growth.

My journey continues over at A Mystic’s Journal.

It will be a much more intimate blog. Less teaching, more living.

I hope you’ll join me.

Thanks for your companionship on the many travels we’ve shared here over all these years.

If you decide not to come along on this new voyage, then I wish you well and all the best and hope your days are cherished and pleasant.

See you on the other side,

Wayne (Wirs)


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4 thoughts on “The End Game

  1. well you talked about ending this blog and here it is. you’ve ended it.

    I’ll be following on with the new blog and am surprised to have seen this after waking up this morning.

    interesting that you’ve gone this way, im sure youAndHer have a reason.

    Yahwah Bless Amen.

  2. Well, Wayne, can you please just post your pictures???? You are an excellent photographer, and I so enjoy them. I save them (with your info posted) and put them on my screen saver…maybe you could do a group and sell online???????????
    Last one from AZ, Awesome. I grew up there.
    May “She” (I call it Source) bless your continued journey in our Skin Suits. What ever the label, “They” are in us always as we are “them”. Hugs, Nancy

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