The Experience of Cosmic Consciousness

Two Distinct Personalities

Two Distinct Personalities

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—I didn’t want to post the previous article, The Rabbit Hole, simply because it was an example of thinking your spirituality rather than living it and I had just gotten off my rant against that very subject.


When Cosmic Consciousness wakes up within you, you end up with what is called a duplex personality. Having a duplex personality simply means that there are two personalities operating within you: An individual consciousness (the Wayne-thing), and Cosmic Consciousness (TaoGodHer).

This is NOT like a split personality where only one consciousness functions at a time, nor like possession where one consciousness suppresses the other. Nor is it even like channeling, where one personality is allowed to function through the individual’s body.

With a duplex personality, there are two consciousnesses acting at the same time and largely in harmony (with practice). There is the louder, individual consciousness, and the quieter, often silent Cosmic Consciousness (what I refer to as Her).

This is NOT intuition, nor is it some psychic ability. Cosmic Consciousness is a separate intelligence and will functioning within the body—though it is much softer and quieter than the individual personality.

I (the individual Wayne-thing) didn’t want to write the previous article, but She whispered that I should, so I did.

Just like an ocean wave (the individual consciousness) doesn’t know everything that is going on in the other parts of the ocean (TaoGodHer), I hardly ever know why She whispers what She does—but I have learned from experience to listen and to act on these whispers.

This takes a tremendous amount of faith, especially when your mind says to do “A” (and you have very rational reasons to do “A”) but She says to do “B” instead and is silent as to why.

In Michelle’s latest blog post, Doing, you see two excellent examples of this in action. In the first, Michelle—in harmony with TaoGodHer—finds herself effortlessly flowing to sign up for an energy course (this flowing is reminiscent of my casino experience). In the other, Michelle wants to join a political organization and her mind tells her to make the phone call—but TaoGodHer tells Michelle not to. Michelle didn’t make the call even though she doesn’t know why (and you can see her frustration at not being able to explain why not).

When Cosmic Consciousness (TaoGodHer, God, or whatever you want to call Her) wakes up inside you, your life becomes at once beautiful, magical and mysterious (once you get the hang of Her floating around in there). There’s a difficult path to get to this point (EternalRadiance, and Emptiness practices), but once She wakes up inside you, She makes it all worthwhile.

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One thought on “The Experience of Cosmic Consciousness

  1. It is quite interesting I found a vid on youtube and came to this page. I have been practicing TM for 25 years or so and Maharishi would go on and on about CC, but honestly I could never see the forest for the trees. I thought it was some magical state that I would one day, if lucky, stumble into and everything would instantly and forever be good, finally. When you spoke about basically feeling you had failed completely and were going to commit suicide I could really relate. I went through some difficult times this last 10 years or so and have at times felt a complete failure and have wanted to die on many occasions. But through it all I held on and kept trying to understand and learn from everything, hoping, waiting for something to turn. And then about a month ago I decided to start meditating more regular, and practice turning to the Self/Higher self. This has been quite interesting because I am having a real decrease in stress. The Self come to find out is right there, so close. I can see it as an effulgence/Light that comes over me in meditation, but when just living daily activity I am sensing this presence. Anyway your description is just amazing. I was guided here to read your explanation because it is the next phase of my journey to connect to this Higher Self. My whole life I have been “pulled out” or away from this state by my mind thinking “Christmas is just around the corner”, then you can relax and be happy. What I am feeling now is a sense of peace. I have never had that. I sense this is just the beginning, and when I have thought pulling me away I imagine just laying back into that state. I guess it is what Maharishi called Bliss. I never really connected to the Movement Speak, but it was very profound, for those who “got it”, anyway thanks for the explanation. j

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