The Fleeting Nature of Practically Everything

My Office In The Woods

My Office In The Woods

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—With three clicks of the mouse, four hours of work disappeared. Sadly, this was not my intention.

Phase I of this idea I’m working on will generate income from the sales of some Zazzle items (along with donations), so I spent the morning designing the products I intend to sell (shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and possibly charms/jewelry).

After finishing three products, I realized I had made a tiny mistake, so I deleted the products, which—unbeknownst to me—also deleted the designs that I was using for the products.

Poof! Four hours of work instantly vaporized into the ether.

I sat and looked at the screen, at all the white space where my designs used to be, closed the laptop, took a deep breath and gazed outside.

The Eternal quality tells us (contrary to the way it sounds) that practically everything is temporary. Every plant and tree and bird I was looking at outside would soon be gone. My rig would be gone, my possessions, my body.

The Eternal quality says, “You own nothing. There’s no use trying to hold onto anything. Everything, except you-as-Awareness, vanishes.”

I opened back up the laptop, and started clicking and dragging once again.

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6 thoughts on “The Fleeting Nature of Practically Everything

  1. Cool Wayne. So cool.. I understand that feeling.
    I am new to your posts and have enjoyed following your adventures and awakenings.
    I am seriously considering adapting your lifestyle and hitting the road. Any suggestions?
    Thank you for sharing all that you so openly share with us.
    Carol, an entity new to an old journey inching her way forward.

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