The Healing Thing

The Bridge

The Bridge

IDAHO FALLS, ID—In reference to the previous post, reader Rimas asked how I do the healing thing I do. I’m a little hesitant to describe it only because it’s a bit too “woo woo” for my tastes, but in the interest of transparency

Though my technique varies according to the state I find myself in—Mystical Oneness (typical) or No Self (rare)—it always involves the dissolution of the me-thing.

The healing thing I did with my mother a few days ago was similar to what I had done spontaneously while she was in surgery a few years backI/She/We merged/blended with her life force and added to it. This is distinctly different than the No Self version of extracting the disease/damage and taking it into my No Self body that I did in this account.

Basically, the merging method entails slipping into the Emptiness state (seeing and dropping all self contraction/boundaries), focusing on the Light/Life Force within this me-thing, becoming that Light (consciously identifying with it so I can control it), and—in an almost astral projection kind of way—“flying” to and merging with the Light/Life Force within my mother. Once merged, I/She/We expand, brighten and “burn out” anything that doesn’t belong there.

The Identity Block

A theory I have for why this doesn’t work on everyone: My father has fused vertebrae and only one fully functional lung (half of his other lung was surgically removed due to cancer). When I have tried the merging technique with him, I only see a slight increase in his energy level and that only lasts for about a day. But here is a key difference between my mother and father: my father identifies with his bad back and breathlessness—these qualities have become a part of who he believes himself to beand as I’ve posited beforeTaoGodHer won’t mess with a person’s ego (identity).

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7 thoughts on “The Healing Thing

  1. Wayne,
    It is interesting your view on the “Identity block” and healing miracles…while I agree, I also had the experience with 2 dogs (which can not have an “identity” consciousness)(OR MAYBE THEY DO????) in which both having cancer one healed 100% and the other died. I did my own version of healing, very similar to yours…with completely opposite results….any ideas?

  2. There are times, when one drives in the black of night on winding roads, when the road ahead becomes so much easier to navigate when the tail lights of another traveler can to seen in the distance. Since you do not identify with your self-thing, you won’t be offended by being compared to the ass-end of a car. But moving on, my question is this: how can one acknowledge an ongoing situation, like your father’s back bad and lower lung capacity, without that acknowledgement also becoming identification?

    I find myself in a similarly challenging state of health, and have pondered this question. Your insight is appreciated, in this and in all things you choose to share.

    Thank you,


  3. Thanks Wayne,

    I’ll mention that I sometimes add some mantra to the breathing process (it seems to do part of the work and there’s less identification that way).
    Most importantly, I realize that it’s part of “me” that needs healing, so it’s addressed to myself first, in hope that it’ll also help the “family-thing” (though, despite compassion, it seems I’d rather avoid it if it hadn’t become part of “me”)…

  4. Wayne, you hold the key to “holographic” healing on the physical plane of this existence. It has much to do about identity and belief systems. Thanks for sharing your healing light, great post!♥

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