The Long Fall

Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

BOULDER CITY, NV—I stood at the very center of the bridge pictured above and contemplated jumping.

I leaned forward and looked over the railing and tried to imagine what it would feel like to just hop the rail and plunge faster and faster to the river 800 feet below, knowing there was no way back—no way to change my mind.

I stretched out and looked straight down into the clear waters of the Colorado far, far below. I did a quick gut check. Respiration and pulse and perspiration were all normal. No adrenalin rush. No fear at all. This surprised me as I’m not crazy about heights and I know that primal fears are exempt from my theory that living as a Soul is a great way to overcome mental fears.


I didn’t jump though—obviously. I suspect most people who stand on the bridge think about the same thing, consciously or not. It’s our nature—morbid as it is. What if? What would if feel like? Would I regret it?

I’ve always wanted to see the Hoover Dam and I’m so glad I took the long drive up here. It’s an amazing structure. Beautiful, powerful and humbling.

The bridge was just a bonus.

Upstream Side of the Hoover Dam and the Bridge

Upstream Side of the Hoover Dam and the Bridge

The Hoover Dam Shot from the Bridge

The Hoover Dam Shot from the Bridge

Kinda Creepy Statue At Hoover Dam

Kinda Creepy Statue At Hoover Dam

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  1. Your contemplation about falling; acknowledging that others have had similar thoughts in that exact same place, has me wondering how many of our thoughts are our own. How often do we pick up thoughts and feelings of others and experience them; thinking they our own? C

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