The Recurring Tasks In My Life

The Bench at the North Rim

The Bench at the North Rim

FLAGSTAFF, AZOn the last day of every month, I download all updates to my software programs, operating systems, and mobile apps. I do this on the last day of the month because Millenicom re-starts their usage meter on the first. If the updates bump me over the usage limitation, it won’t affect me more than 24 hours.

On the first of every month, I update the Favorite PhotosTestimonials, and Donation Totals on this blog, as well as clear the cache and optimize the database to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

I also transfer any income from book sales or donations from my PayPal account to my regular bank account.

Next, I ruthlessly prune photos I took two months ago but didn’t use or particularly like and dump the remaining to an external hard drive. I then delete these backed up photos from my computer to free up disk space. I keep two months of photos on my computer so I always have a cache of images to call upon if I don’t have a daily one for the blog posts.

Finally, I pull out the storage containers from under my bunk and unhook my third jerry can of water, swapping it out for one of the two jerry cans that I rotate between regularly during the month. This keeps all the water jugs in rotation.

Every Sunday I dump anything in my “idea collection boxes” (my phone’s voice recorder and OmniFocus’ Inbox) to either OneNote (if it’s an idea) or OmniFocus (if it’s a task), then review all my OmniFocus tasks and flag anything I want to work on this week.

I then click over to my “Weekly” email folder and answer any emails that I received during the week that I felt needed a deeper response than I was ready to give when I received it.

I then backup my hard drive using Apple’s built-in Time Machine.

Every evening, in bed, I do my personal Emptiness practice which entails releasing any mental contractions (me-me-me) and expanding into the Vastness until I fall asleep. This functions as my daily meditation and helps keep me grounded.

During the day, I mostly live in Radiance, with the Eternal quality always present to remind me not to take any of this too seriously.

And so it goes.

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7 thoughts on “The Recurring Tasks In My Life

  1. Thanks for sharing the ways you stay organized and running lean. I’ve been vandwelling since the end of April, mostly in my favorite state of Montana, but had never gotten into a routine to be more efficient with recurring tasks. Your blog is a big breath of fresh air for me when I have a wifi connection and a little extra time.

  2. beautiful photo! i love the grand canyon and AZ…and thanks for the summary. awareness is waking up over here and your blog plays a part in facilitating the recognition 🙂

  3. “Every evening, in bed, I do my personal Emptiness practice”
    “This functions as my daily meditation”

    thanks for the reminder, I’ve not been practising much during the day lately and have just noticed while reading this post I have also been skipping my daily bed time practises.

    Now since it is bed time for me I am going to start them back up.

    Yahwah, bless, Amen.

  4. Hi Wayne. This is probably no big deal, but, FYI, Chrome popped up a privacy warning for the Millenicom link. It looks like either Chrome or Windows 7 didn’t recognize the security certificate for the secure version of the site.

  5. Great tips, thanks! We met at Ehrenberg last winter around the evening campfire, but I didn’t know until you were gone that you were the famous Wayne Wirs, lol. Hope to see you again this winter. 🙂

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