The [Redacted] Project Is…

A Hardware Bug

A Hardware Bug

The project I’ve been working on is

Let me know if you find any (software) bugs or have any suggestions.

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11 thoughts on “The [Redacted] Project Is…

  1. Hands down(and up), such a great idea.

    in support

    I vow never to abuse anyone. This mean i will never intentionally bring harm or discomfort to anyone, i will cease manipulating and deceiving others. My name is Nathan and I am a NonAbuser.

    I know thats not quoted word for word, I am memorizing however it is not a 2 minute job.

    If you renew does that mean you have broken the vow and that you are starting over?

    Yahwah Bless Amen.

    • Thanks Nathan. No, the renewal (which is just a click of a button, you don’t have to record another video) is used more as a reminder and to show others that you’re still holding to the vow. In other words, if it shows that I haven’t renewed my vow for a year, it means I probably have forgotten about it.

      Don’t think you will always be able to uphold the vow though, we all slip, but it is the intention that is important (and again, the renewal is an excellent reminder). I’ve been doing this for over a month and it is particularly tricky sticking to it when responding (or not) to online comments or emails from trolls. 🙂

      • Thanks for the link wayne 🙂

        I’ve just quickly updated my profile on NonAbusers with an explanation.

        Thanks again.

        Yahwah Bless Amen

    • Nathan, your Photo Vow inspired me enough to make it an option on the site.

      When you get the chance, see if you can’t figure out how to add your photo and vow text (you’ll need to remove my VIDEO url before this will work as videos have priority).

      Thanks again. Great idea!

  2. I value you and your wisdom, and since you requested feedback on this project, here are a few notes: 1) On the “My Vision” tab there’s a singular/plural discrepancy in the phrase “such a widespread… phenomena.” 2) I hope you’ll eventually consider some graphics or at least a contrasting headings font on the home page. 3) Regarding gossip, some social scientists find certain benefits in it: As a young girl, I was taught that gossip was a sin and it concerned me greatly that my dear grandmother loved to talk so much about family and neighbors. Now I realize she just really liked people and didn’t have the same sense of privacy I had. 4) Regarding deception, a classic ethics dilemma is about whether to intentionally deceive a predator about the location of a pursued victim.

    All in all, I don’t feel a strong attraction to making a non-abuse vow.(Maybe I’m averse to vows, since I can look back at my life and be glad about certain vows I DIDN’T make–even one to meditate each day. Maybe I don’t like focusing on what’s wrong with the world or myself, versus emphasizing what’s splendid. Maybe I haven’t resolved the idea that “nothing’s either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”)

    As you’ve already seen, the topic of abuse invites discussion and can foster self-reflection and other positive outcomes. I think the very fact you were inspired to launch this project means something.

    • Sorry you feel that way Jo. At the bottom of every page it says, “The spirit of the NonAbuser is a sincere desire to do no harm.” I didn’t want to make a vow that had three pages of disclaimers like those TV ads for medications. Just wanted people to walk their talk—to voluntarily be held accountable for their good intentions.

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