The [Redacted] Project Unveiling (Sunday)

The Stump

The Stump

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—My life is full of synchronicities—odds-defying luck by any other name. I’ve been having doubts about the [Redacted] Project, the project I’ve been busting my hump on these last few weeks. Doubts that anyone will participate. Doubts that maybe I’ve finally lost my mind. Doubts that people won’t just look at it and say, “WTF?”

Then this morning I saw a post from fellow nomad Randy who had wrote about a guy who spent 38 years of his life digging a tunnel through a mountain just because he wanted to.

Kinda puts a perspective on things.

Maybe I have lost my mind. Maybe people will look at it and laugh. Maybe they’ll insult me and fart in my general direction. I don’t know, but my hope is that maybe it will change their world.

Regardless, a few weeks of wussy typing is literally nothing—“We believe in nothing, Lebowski!“—when compared to 38 years of backbreaking, hard labor.

With that sign from the ether (and no, Randy doesn’t know what I’m working on—no one does)… with that sign putting the final nail in my little coffin of doubts, I’ll be announcing the unveiling of the Curiously Mysterious [Redacted] Project here on this blog Sunday morning.

No beta-testing, no pre-release feedback, no covering my ass. I’m the only one who’s seen this project or knows what its angle is—and you all know me, I don’t think like most people—so this project has all the markings of an abject failure.

Still, a few weeks of typing is nothing (Lebowski), compared to 38 years of digging alone in the dark.

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5 thoughts on “The [Redacted] Project Unveiling (Sunday)

  1. Reminds me of the old saying, “A life wasted sailing is a life well wasted”. Digging a tunnel, tilting at windmills, who’s to judge?

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