The Secret To Inner Peace

View From Camp

View From Camp

West of DEATH VALLEY NP, CA—A little after noon, I crested the mountains to the west of Death Valley, pulled off on a little dirt road inaccessible to most cars, parked, kicked back in my Lazy Boy, took in the view and decided to spend the rest of the day and the night right here.

Morrissette had a wonderful post today about how what we seek is often much simpler to attain than what we’ve been conditioned to believe:

If people could only open their eyes and see that what they seek has been right in front of them all along, and that snagging it is as simple as making the choice to do so.
— Glenn Morrissette

He was talking about a life of simplicity and freedom, but the exact same thing could be said for the spiritual seeker’s quest for inner peace.

The Secret to Inner Peace:

You have everything you need to be happy, to have inner peace.

You don’t need to have mad meditation skills.

Nor do you need to know a bunch of Sanskrit terms.

You don’t have to take any vows of celibacy or poverty.

You don’t have to flee civilization.

You don’t have to have a quiet mind.

Nor do you need to be well read.

Inner peace is not found by becoming someone you think you should be… it is not found by gaining.

Inner peace is found by simply letting go of who you think you are.

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6 thoughts on “The Secret To Inner Peace

  1. Hi Wayne,
    I just left that area, wish I had stayed a bit longer to meet you. I think you already know the Alabama Hills, because you posted a photo of that area at one point. It’s very mystical energy and basically you can camp anywhere on BLM land. Also, check out the Tuttle Creek campground. Beautiful energy there next to the creek, even though I don’t usually stay in campgrounds, it’s worth it. Franklin Merrell-Wolff lived just up that creek. Intense spiritual energy around there, and also very photogenic. If you are in Bishop, definitely visit the Galen Rowell gallery with his breathtaking photography.
    I hope to meet you when you are in my area…

    • Thanks for the info Margaret. Yes, I plan on stopping in Lone Pine/Alabama Hills. If I can get connectivity (Verizon) I may stay a few days. My planned route is to head to Lake Isabella from there and then up via either the coast or along the western edge of the Sierras.

      • That’s interesting, I also went over by Lake Isabella. I would recommend a little PCT trailhead campground (free) called Walker Pass. I loved the energy there. And I don’t really want to broadcast this, but there is an incredible hotspring outside of Lake Isabella, which unfortunately has become too well-known in recent years (compared to when I was going there 20 years ago) If you want more details and directions, write to my email.

  2. I can’t BE
    more than I AM,
    or DO
    more than I DO
    in this moment.

    – – – – * – – – – (pause to reflect)

    Who I AM
    is actualized by
    what I DO,
    which is determined by
    what I LEARN,
    which, in turn, results from
    how I THINK
    about that which

    – – – – * – – – –

    I AM
    available to
    LEARN and

    – * – to BECOME – * –

    distracted by self-judgment.

    – – – – * – – – –

    relies on
    my ACCEPTANCE of
    who I AM
    what I’m DOING

    WHO I AM

    – D. Fisher

  3. You’re looking at the best mountains for hiking and backpacking in the world, the east side of the Sierra. An easy drive to 10,000 feet in many places, then a day or two’s hike over the Sierra Crest. I recommend you get every Tom Harrison map for the whole east side of the Sierra and explore all the trail heads. You’ll need the whole collection of maps to avoid unpredictable road closures due to fires, landslides, weather etc….

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