The Shadow Falls

The Broken Forest

The Broken Forest

CAMP 3 (or 4), MT HOOD, OR—I’ve been feeling particularly dark lately. Though it would be easy to blame it all on work, I secretly believe it’s all Michelle’s fault. She’s wrestling with her Shadow, and as any Mystic/student relationship worth its salt is, there’s an almost constant… reflection of her life in mine.

Last I read Ken Wilber (which was awhile ago), he was advocating doing Shadow work in conjunction with other integral practices to help the seeker progress along the spiritual path. I wholeheartedly agree—though, as you will see, the Shadow may reveal itself all on its own.

Shadow work is any technique that helps you uncover deep repressed emotional and psychological material. I spent years with Holosync for just that purpose and still swear by its benefits, but as Michelle is finding out, as the ego decays and loses its repressive energy, the Shadow will awaken.

And yesterday at work my chakras started dumping out junk again, until ANOTHER one stuck. I spent about an hour writing it out last night but didn’t get to the bottom of it before I was too tired and had to go to bed. Negative energy and emotions are EXHAUSTING. I don’t know how I, and therefore most human beings for that matter, have lived with all this junk stored away on a permanent basis.

I believe one of the reasons you feel so much lighter and happier after the ego drops away is because the Shadow, with nothing left to hold it in, ejects from the system and vanishes. All that dark matter, the “junk” as Michelle calls it, disappears.

The spontaneous eruption of the Shadow, as painful as it can be, is also a very powerful indicator that the ego is finally dissolving.

See also my Dark Night of the Soul.

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11 thoughts on “The Shadow Falls

  1. Well now, that is a turn up for the books (aka synchronicity). Met Bill Harris in 2008 (his last Holosync retreat), where I had a wonderful experience of the feminine aspect of God’s Love (for want of a better description). Do you still use it ?

  2. I reread the Michelle post that you linked to and got a body rush at this line – “What would it be like if I knew I were god?” Wow, that thought really hit me. I feel like I am floating around the office now. Wish I was in the woods.

    I listened to Holosync CDs for seven years. While they didn’t hurt any, I don’t seem to have gotten as much out of them as you. They did help me sleep though. 8^)

    • They are great sleep aids! (For those who don’t know, the Holosync Cds take your brain down into the Delta-wave state which is where your brain normally finds itself during deep, dreamless sleep).

  3. Sorry to digress ever so slightly from your post but I would like to know of the shadow cast by the fuel pump upon your Nissan steed. What is the mpg for your van. Looked in a forum but no one owner seems to be on the same page. Heard from 20 mpg to 9 mpg with some cursin added in.

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