The Times Are A-Changin’

The Sun Sets On A New Camp

The Sun Sets On A New Camp

CONGRESS, AZ—For the last few days I’ve been contemplating taking this, or another blog, in a new direction. Then this morning, reader Jud sent me this link from Scott Kiloby’s site about “premature awakening.”

At first I thought Jud was being critical of me (and maybe he/she was as it seems a lot of people have been beating up on me lately), but then upon reading the post, I agreed with practically all of it.

Adyashanti told me earlier in the year that I was at what he calls the Transcendent Self stage—what many people throughout history have called enlightenment. This stage still has a “self” (the Witness), but the personal self (the ego) has been transcended (seen through, experienced as “other”). He said “this is where all the good stuff happens,” meaning the magic and the direct experience of God.

Adyashanti says there is still another level beyond this which he calls No Self, and which I’ve had a few experiences with.

Still, some interesting points I took from Kiloby’s article (my wording):

  1. That not all chakras clear at the same time
  2. That when the head chakra clears, people often go right into “teacher mode”

I definitely went into #2 right away (as you can see with all my Horton stuff). Kiloby says he did too and said this is practically expected.

But #1 surprised me and—synchronistically meshing with my desire to shake things up a bit on the blog—got me thinking about my own “chakra” issues (I don’t come from a chakra background):

  • The self-concern chakra. I’m still too habituated with self-preservation and getting my way.
  • The taking criticism too seriously chakra. Damned if I know why, but I still haven’t “cleared” this chakra.

Both of these (and I’m sure there are others), instantly and unconsciously “contract” me out of the Vastness and that really bothers me. Sadly, I’ve yet to find anyone like me who blogs about their personal life (as opposed to just showing their stage persona), so I’m pretty much on my own (nothing new there) but I have a few ideas.

Anyway, no firm decisions yet on the blog or my direction, but it seems the times are a-changin’.

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9 thoughts on “The Times Are A-Changin’

  1. Interesting Wayne. This is what my last response was intimating. Not, I hasten to add that I have anything to teach you (or anyone -I’ve always found it’s either ‘pearls before swine’ or ‘sucking eggs for granny’.). Sharing is another matter. It’s the ego’s job to be concerned about your self. It is not however your responsibility to change the world – or shame your companions into an unnecessary and quite possibly inappropriate (for their stage) oath/vow/pledge. As to blogging about your personal life. those of us who are not hermits would constantly find ourselves referring to identifiable people in our lives, so it’s not really an option. Plenty of people keep a diary or a journal I would surmise.

    • andy’s making sense. It’s just great you are so transparent about your experiences, wayne. It’s terribly useful. I find I respond so much better to these confessional slightly confused/bemused posts than your ‘here’s how it is from the other side’ stuff. I also find I cannot take the vow at this time despite registering and having a heartfelt abhorrence for abuse of all kinds. What you are doing and sharing is outstanding. change direction as often as you will, but, respectfully, please do not stop

  2. I know a little about chakras the 7 main, roughly what their names are and roughly what they are attributed to

    your root chakra at the base of your spine is link to survival and thus i suspect is the one related to your “The self-concern chakra. I’m still too habituated with self-preservation and getting my way.”

    “The taking criticism too seriously chakra. Damned if I know why, but I still haven’t “cleared” this chakra.” that chakra i dont know. Taking crits to serious for myself in the past has usually led to different emotion i think the third deals with emotions and your heart then deals with love. My hearts tell me its around the heart.

    Yahwah Bless Amen.

    You don’t need to know much about them to meditate on them to heal balance and clear them. knowing where and what colour they correspond to is enough to get meditating. Knowing what they represent and have domain over helps you to get into nitty gritty areas you need to clear for yourself.

  3. The body is one big problem my friend. It lets you know all the time that you are mortal. It craves the things it thinks will keep it alive and functioning well. But it is totally ignorant and stupid and does crazy stupid ignorant things because it thinks it has to. I have let go of all future plans, hopes, desires, needs, wants, expectations, dictates and demands and it still knocks me on my ass a lot. This world that we witness is the world of bodily needs and addictions. It will pass.

  4. Dealing with chakras can be tricky because they have been “reinvented” by new age spiritualists of various sorts, and the information you get can be contradictory. If anyone wants authentic information about chakras, I recommend you seek out people who are from one of the old school tantra yoga traditions. It is the tantric lineage that invented the whole concept of chakras, so I would trust that information more than anything else. This information is passed down from the people who originally perceived the existence of chakras and codified all the information about them. If you are going to buy into the whole chakra concept, you might as well get your information as close to the source as possible. Those who are serious about Ashtaunga yoga generally also tend have the original information about chakras. I don’t want to recommend any one particular source of information, because I don’t want to seem like I’m advocating a particular group/sect; plus, it’s been a while since I’ve looked to see what information is being put out there, and by whom.

  5. Hi Wayne!

    Found your blog through LoriAnns blog. And i have to say your blog is really beautiful!!
    for this emotional stuff (contracting from being critizised etc.) i personally found nothing better than Michael Browns work (the presence Process). Practically he states that every time we experience fear, Anger grief etc. is unintegrated aspects imprinted within our emotional bodies and that presence creates situations to Trigger this old stuff for us to expierence. If we feel it without condition it Comes to Resolution (my own experience validates this).

    Also do you know David Bucklands blog
    He talks about (which i have experienced once) a state totally beyond consciousness/awareness (even no self is within them) and calls it Brahman. In some Hindu scriptures this is called “the great awakening”. Have you glimpsed that also?

    all the best to you

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