Theories And Scars

Camp at Roosevelt Lake.

Camp at Roosevelt Lake

YUMA, AZ—It’s been forty days (and forty nights) since I last posted. I’ve learned much about myself and about the rig and about the life of a drifter—of being a creative and a mystic and man in this world but not of it.

I’ve spent time in intimate communion with forests and deserts and rivers and lakes.

I’ve spent brutally cold nights high on evergreen mountains—and hot dry dusty days low on barren desert floors.

I’ve been practicing and contemplating and even (the last week or so) socializing.

A smart man has theories. A wise man has scars.

I’ve discovered five simple properties of Consciousness—and that at our core all of us are identical.

I’ve lived and learned from the mysterious guidance which arises through the surrender of my personal will.

I’ve allowed the daily and ongoing synchronicities to strengthen my faith and guide my path and my steps and my direction.

I’ve looked deeply into quantum theory and the mind and God Herself and found three common threads—patterns and states of being—which have led me to start calling the vast intelligence and love behind it all—the Source, the Divine, and the Lover—as TaoGodHer.

But most importantly what I’ve learned in those last forty days and forty nights is this:

I’ve learned how to love everyone and everything.

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10 thoughts on “Theories And Scars

  1. Profound…sweet, and beautiful. I’m glad your past 40 days were fruitful, Wayne. Every time I saw a van that looked even a smidgen like yours I thought of you!

  2. Like prophets and mystics of ancient days you took a biblical length of days for your” time in the desert”. Me wonders if you met the devil too and were tempted to turn stone into bread?
    Regardless, I felt you a few days ago and sensed your emerging. Welcome back friend.

  3. Thanks for coming back Wayne. If you are interested in how quantum theory relates to spirituality, there is no better teacher than Thomas Campbell. See his book My Big TOE (theory of everything). Tom is unique in that he is a world class nuclear physicist (from NASA) and a world class mystic (co-founder of the Monroe Institute). He speaks eloquently and plainly on every topic of interest to you and your readers ( See the link below for an introductory talk.

    BTW. you mentioned “I’ve learned how to love everyone and everything”. My impression from reading your past blogs is that you were already there.
    What has changed?

  4. TaoGodHer. A mix of HUMAN theories. We humans are extremely limited, in every sense, have been around this (young) planet for a very short time and not able to recognize anything similar to the “truth” concerning our life, the “universe” or “cosmos” or any other entity we try do define. I think it’s useless to theorize and to look for explanations, trying to grasp some “truth”, I prefer to just live, as other animals do, and enjoy our really short stay on this planet.



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