Three As One

At the Top of Moro Rock

At the Top of Moro Rock

SHAVER LAKE, CA—When I start taking on students again, I think instead of trying to take them one step at a time—getting the Soul down, then Radiance, then Emptiness—we’ll work on all three aspect at the same time.

Living as a Soul—recognizing this life is but a moment in your entire Soul-based life—addresses many mortal issues. It works in the physical plane.

Opening to Radiance—feeling the Love and Light flow through you—works in the emotional plane.

Expanding to Emptiness—removing all mental self boundaries—works with the mental plane.

Practicing all together—physical, emotional, mental—may make the progress of students much smoother and less frustrating.

I’ll probably use a special, private section of the forums to provide instructions and to host the students’ online journals. I’m not ready to start yet, but maybe soon.

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  1. Love that little climb. Did an awesome backpack that circumnavigated Alta Peak. Started at Wolverton trailhead I think. Moose Lake and Pear Lake are awesome. I think it’s an easy dayhike to Pear Lake.

  2. Your plan for instruction shows an elegant symmetry, particularly if you define emotion as thought (mental) associated with sensation (physical).

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