Three of Three

The Water, the Rocks, and Three on the Threshold

The Water, the Rocks, and Three on the Threshold

On the Kern River, LAKE ISABELLA, CA

The Physical

In Quantum Theory, there are three aspects of being:

  • The Quantum Potential: An unmanifest, vast, invisible sea of potential which can produce…
  • The Quantum Wave: A threshold state as a wave of potential which can produce…
  • The Physical: A manifest, physical particle.

The Mental

In the Mind, there are three aspects of being:

  • The Emptiness: The unmanifest state of deep, dreamless sleep or the clear, thought-free mind which can produce…
  • The Thought: A threshold state of an idea or image which can produce…
  • The Created: A manifest thing; a spoken word, a poem, the Hoover Dam, etc..

The Spiritual

In Mysticism, there are three aspects of being:

  • TaoGodHer: The unmanifest infinite intelligence. A single source which can produce…
  • The Soul: A threshold state of an individual intelligence that can produce…
  • The Life: A manifest, living creature.

All three have three aspects of “being.”

All three cycle from the unmanifest to the manifest and back.

All three start from a vast, invisible source and produce countless physical objects.

All three have a threshold state—a nexus between the world of the manifest and the unmanifest.

I wonder if all three—the physical, the mental, and the spiritual—are the same?

I suspect they are.

I suspect it is just our minds which confuse us.

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7 thoughts on “Three of Three

  1. The 3 are the 3, all aspects of the 1.
    Confused mind also projection of the 1,
    through the physical vail, seeking
    spiritual perspective.
    If there is no idea of “mind”,
    Where is the confusion?
    There is only Mind. 🙂

  2. It’s a nice insight Wayne. An ‘insight’ of course being a kind of mental construct for ‘understanding’ what is ultimately not understandable. True or not, it’s congruent and provides a useful perspective. In a way, it’s almost a koan: “What is three ?” 😉

  3. you wonder if all three are the same?

    I know all three exist in the same place as each other, Physical(here and now), Mind(here and now), Spiritual(here and now). All three overlap each other no distance apart, each having their own realm, perceivable in a different way in each realm, perceived one way from the current realm.

    are all three the same? I don’t think so, all three act the same existing within the same laws to one another. But this might be an illusion created in the current realm and that outside of it they are the same.

    • The layout is pretty much the same as my original floor plan with the following mods:
      – An easy chair (facing rearwards) where the passenger seat was.
      – The refrigerator is turned 90 degrees and sits on a low end table (no folding step).
      – The cook top is mounted on the rear dresser.
      – A shelf over the white dresser (all windows are still exposed though).

      You can see posts on the build-out here.

      Now if I were a couple (as you are), I would tow a small cargo trailer (similar to this idea) and put everything in the trailer except:
      – Rotating captains chairs to replace factory seats
      – Folding sofa bed
      – Some storage

      The focus being comfort and lounging in the NV, while using the cargo trailer for cooking, cleaning, storage, power, etc.

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