Camped On The Kern River

Camped On The Kern River

On the Kern River, LAKE ISABELLA, CA—I’ve been thinking a lot about thresholds lately. Wait! Come back!

Anyway, for those of you still with me: Thresholds.

I’m camped right on the Kern River having just survived a frigid snow-melt(?) bath and, contrary to what my mind was trying to tell me, it didn’t give me a heart attack and kill me. While I was drying off in the sun and allowing the shivering to subside, I noticed that the flora and fauna here is dramatically different than the desert environment that I just left.

Lots of sandy ground (like the desert) but also lots of trees and wildlife (like the west side of the Sierras). It’s a threshold between two worlds.

Another reason I’ve been thinking about thresholds so much is that in my recent revelation about consciousness having five traits, one of those traits is that consciousness acts as a nexus: a threshold between two worlds (the manifest and the unmanifest).

I think all mystics (and most spiritual seekers) thrive in thresholds, that the dynamic, in-between state of thresholds is where they are most comfortable. Not in the middle of society, but on the outskirts. Not in total solitude, but in communion with a few like-minded individuals.

They don’t get into the latest fads, but they don’t get into the whole monastic thing either. Most mystics are neither hedonists nor ascetics, but somewhere in between.

Don’t get me wrong, when they want to move their center, they head to the extremes: the solitude of the desert, the silent retreat, or even the chaos of the big city, but where they are most comfortable living is in the thresholds, that whole in-this-world-but-not-of-it thing.

Thresholds are where mystics thrive.

Why is this?

Because mystics no longer believe they are merely human. They believe they reside—no, they know they reside—in that mysterious realm—that threshold—between the Mortal and the Divine.

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3 thoughts on “Thresholds

  1. Thank you so much Wayne…this post is a true and rare to find Revelation…something I have been pondering throughout my spiritual path of a Mystic myself. For many years now I have contemplated joining a Community of Spiritual Seekers, an Ashram, a Convent, a Monastery of sorts BUT never pulled strongly enough to make it happen (not “me” but the Real Self Me)and find myself pulled into extreme solitude as you mention with long periods in the desert or a mountain.I find nature the place where my communion with Her is the strongest.BUT then I feel called to “social interactions” in the world or family of origin…just to go back to solitude again.Cycle after cycle…in between thresholds!!!

  2. WOW Thanks I never have seen the difination of a Mystic like this before. I know now that I AM a Mystic. I have been lucky enough to see the Devine and still be human. With that I know that I was once in the Devine BUT choose to come here and ne a human. So I/we need the alone time to talk to the Devine(which we can now do with ease) But also need the human world to learn why we are here. We will go back to the Devine in time and who knows come back or move on. I for one Know I am moving on. In meditation I have been a tree a wild animal a flower and even a drop of water. Now a human. I have seen what else I can be and after this great experence of being Human I am looking forward to what is next.Finally I also know that if you deside to make the move to the Devine before it is the right time you do not make it. So wait get through the rough times,enjoy the good times and wait your turn.

  3. Hi Wayne.

    I have recently concluded that I live best in the in-between places, and in three of them in particular (which are personal to me, and not necessarily universal): The in-between place between male and female gender, the in-between place between my imaginary world as I write fiction and the external physical world, and the in-between place between the divine and me (what some call ego).

    I came here today after some months of not visiting your site. First I read about The Coin Flip and of synchronicity as evidence of God. Then I read this post on mystics living in the thresholds. Then I thought of the random decision that led me to access your blog today, when these two posts were topmost, and when I had been actively thinking about my in-between-ness. This instance of synchronicity made me smile.

    Thank you so much for all this, which acts for me as affirmation and as much-needed remainder.

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