Ugly Photos, Synchronicity, and the Grunt Work of Writing

Mysterious Lake

Mysterious Lake

MT HOOD, OR—I’m starting to assemble material for my next book tentatively titled, Awakening of a Mystic. It will basically be a collection of previous blog posts (the first-person voice) intermixed with the wiser third-person voice which is similar to the tone and format I used in Fading Toward Enlightenment.

I’ve only just started going through the posts, but I was struck by two three things:

  1. I sucked at HDR photography back then. Still do sometimes.
  2. How deeply and seriously I was living as a Soul.
  3. I hit the road as a nomad exactly one year before my buddy Glenn Morrissette did (we didn’t know each other back then).

Technically I moved into my old class C on the 1st of August, 2008, but that was just sitting in a county park near my brother’s place while I worked out all the kinks. Officially I hit the road (left town) on August 5th, 2008 the same day Glenn hit the road a year later. Strange but true. Though it would be a year before the personal self dropped, She was operating even then in my life. You don’t have to wait for the personal self to drop for Her to wake up. The less there is of you…

On the Grunt Work of Writing

On another note, for those of you interested in the writing process… What I have done is create a very broad outline of the book and assigned tags to each chapter. I am now going through the blog posts from the very beginning and tagging the posts with the appropriate chapter’s tag.

Once all the posts are tagged, the plan is to be able to click on a tag and see all the articles consolidated into one place for the chapter I happen to be working on. From there I can cut and paste the text into my writing program, Ulysses. Then it’s “just” a matter of adding the wiser, what-I-know-now voice between the chapters.

Note: For years, I used Scrivener for book writing, but Ulysses is so much simpler and cleaner.

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