When She Drives

Feeding My Stairs Fixation

Feeding My Stairs Fixation

SNOQUALMIE NF, WA—The first time TaoGodHer takes the reins in your life, it can be a bit disconcerting. After awhile though, you get used to it, trust it, and even come to expect it. Of note are Michelle’s comments marked in bold/emphasis:

Michelle. Yesterday 6:05 PM

  1. This is really frustrating. I’m keeping at it but for the record it’s just frustrating. I’m starting to not like the loss of control I’m starting to feel. And I know you will probably tell me to see who is feeling frustrated. But I’m working on it. I see it all in flashes. The other perception question I am working on too… Whether it’s the same or different from all the others.
  2. This doesn’t have much to do with it, but I want to record it. While I was on the porch just now trying to see what this was and got some clarity on how much it sees and how it sees all of me, I got this flash (once the clarity came in more full force) to where I needed to call someone to sign up for a healing course I had been waffling over because I hadn’t quite felt “moved” in the right way yet… In a flash something came through me and walked me over to my phone and called, and it was definitely NOT me doing it. It kind of freaked me out because it was just not my decision to take this action, not me doing it. I was quite taken aback. Is this how spontaneous action can happen with her acting through our bodies/minds?

Michelle.Yesterday 9:27 PM

Before was unsettling because the sensation of having her move through me involuntarily is not something I’m used to at all. I read over some old synchronicity blog posts of yours for some clarity.

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6 thoughts on “When She Drives

  1. I can’t say that I have ever had that experience. There have been great synchronicities, urges, heart pulls, callings, longings, but always a sense of free will. I absolutely have never had any moment where I had zero control of body / mind functioning as I am the self. There is awakening out of ego, of liberation, sometimes a ride of mind identification but it’s more “disneyland” now. Whenever I have felt spirit move through me, it’s always been more of a deeper sense of self moving, a deeper passion, a deeper felt sense of heart about it, a more profound oneness to do something. Like a deep urge or instinct to just pull over and then see a car accident happen up ahead. But it’s never been like something possessed me and made me pull over. For me that would have to be some kind of play where your primary attention shifted back over into an egoic mind identity and then denied your own deeper self and heart. So an unfolding happened from deeper self and heart and freaks out the mind made egoic identity self projection that you have associated with and you jump out of the “deep water” and say that something else (true self/heart) moved you. Which in truth you are actually looking from the mind self identity. My suggestion would be to ask, where is my heart in all of this. What is the position of my heart between these positions and dont think but feel. That’s a great start to really feeling out your true position.

    • Please keep in mind a couple things Lokin, this was Michelle’s first experience with the Divine driving, and she was posting it directly to me, not to the public. Her experience seems practically identical to the one I described here.

      It isn’t felt as possession as much as it (is) is (felt) felt (like) like (when) when (you) you (talk) talk. You don’t think of each word as you say it, the words just come out “on their own.” That’s about as close as I can explain the experience, though it isn’t 100% accurate.

      Your background and training seem to be from a more fundamental nondual perspective, so I expect you to be much more hardcore about the focus on unity rather than the harmony of unity AND separation, but unity as better than (or ironically, separate from) separation is not what I subscribe to nor advocate. Each his own, I’m not looking for an argument, just clarifying the “possession” aspect.

      • Absolutely thank you, Not trying to take any position or speak from any kind of training or background. My own is quite diverse and I flowed in and out of many paths along the path. Your videos on youtube were even a pivotal point for me, thank you. I’m as very much christian as I am advaita.

        I only felt so very perplexed about this post and the way it seemed described wasn’t really something I have come across either in satsangs or reading. I just really wanted to reach out a speak from my own position and experiences, not just to share with you, but others you may read the post as well to kind of suggest that not everyone has that kind of experience.

        Thank you for helping me understand my misinterpretations of the post in regards to it appearing as though there was a loss of control or possession, I do understand now and can relate to that deeper experience of something deeper moving you that just kind of speaks up from within and is quite frightening at first to the surface level consciousness.

        I briefly read over your post regarding fundamental nondual types, can’t really say I’m one of them. I only discovered advaita recently through a teacher named mooji, but he is close to my heart as he also speaks in regards to Krishna, Christ, and many other teachers as well. For me it is the dynamic life, the Tao manifested as the ten thousand things. Christ didn’t come back from the dessert and saying it’s all illusion let it go, he came back saying it’s all heaven and to love each other.

    • Oh, and I forgot to mention, I totally agree on your felt experience of (what I call) Her driving, it comes from a deep sense of stillness… but has a “certainty” quality to it.

  2. Hi Wayne, and all. A few thoughts: First, as is often the case, I’m reading this post which synchronistically coincides with my daily ACIM lesson (236) “I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.” I think this could apply to Michelle too, whose experience sounds like it could be a little scary, to say the least. Some pieces of information could be helpful, such as the idea that God/Self is not other than or foreign to who you really are, but that the ego/me/self IS actually other than who you really are, and the only imposter here, in a manner of speaking.

    Second, I think it’s important to note that the ego actually has no will and isn’t actually doing anything. The ego is more like a filter that processes all incoming information, measures it against the past, takes credit for all seeming happenings, and then passes the relay of that information on to consciousness, as if there was a separate “you” making decisions and taking actions. To discover this, try what I’ll call the “walking around and doing stuff contemplation”, and see if there’s actually any “you” doing anything… at any time.. at all. Just observe if there’s really anyone doing the walking, talking, breathing, or whatever in the moment.

    Lastly, with regards to non-duality, I don’t think a true non-dual teaching would advocate for or subscribe to non-duality as a belief system. More likely, a true non-dual teaching would simply point out the blocks and barriers to reaching a higher state of consciousness, and hopefully show how to transcend them. Similarly, I don’t know why we would advocate or aim for separation or paradox either. I think it would be more helpful to approach spirituality holistically, both as a discovery and as a healing process.

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