Why Uploading Your Consciousness Won’t Work

The Selway River

The Selway River

CLEARWATER NF, ID—For years I’ve been hearing people talk about the near future where you will be able to upload your consciousness into a computer and live forever as a sort of “ghost” in the machine.

A lot of people believe this will actually work—uploading your consciousness to a hard drive—but these people also believe that they are their thoughts (which, sadly, is practically everyone).

The Mystic knows that uploading your consciousness into a machine won’t work. Why? Because he knows we are not our thoughts, he knows we are the observer of our thoughts.

Not convinced? Try this little thought experiment:

Imagine the day has finally arrived where we have perfected the technology to upload your consciousness into a computer. Millions of people, while on their deathbeds, have been plugged in, uploaded, and are now living long, healthy, computer-based lives. Down to the last cyber-one of them, they exclaim, “This is great! We live forever!”

“Wonderful,” you say, “Sign me up.”

Immediately after you fork over the $500,000 for the Forever-Me-Me-Me service (to be implemented at the moment of your death), some smart-assed Mystic taps you on the shoulder and says, “Why wait? Why take the chance you could be killed in a car crash on a remote road, too far from a Forever-Me-Me-Me center, and miss your window of opportunity? Why not upload now?”

Good idea, you say, and so you plug yourself in, have yourself uploaded, and the machine comes to life thinking it is you. “It worked!,” the machine-you exclaims, “This is great! I’m going to live forever!”

But there’s a teeny, tiny problem: The machine thinks it is you—that worked as expected—but you are still stuck in your body, looking at the machine which thinks it is you.

“LOL,” the machine says. “It sucks to be you! But don’t worry, I’ll live forever.”

You are not your thoughts. You won’t get “transferred” into the machine even if the machine does have all your thoughts and memories.

The machine is just a cybernetic clone, a copy, a soul-less hard drive. You are much more than that.

You are that which experiences your thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “Why Uploading Your Consciousness Won’t Work

  1. A couple of years back a friend and i where hanging out, he brings up the topic of uploading yourself to a machine. He asks me if i would do it? No was my reply.

    To explain why i said no, i would be plugging(attaching) something to this body and then have the machine transfer the thoughts(energy) of the brain across. i said I wouldn’t go anywhere, if anything it is possible the body dies and then i is dead with a copy thinking it is i. We had also been talking about teleportation and my problem with that is focusing on teleporting the physical body from point a to b, i said i would die and a copy of i thinking it was i would come out of the other side. In both cases i related them to suicide, your signing up to kill yourself i would die and I would move on.

    He argued if it thinks it is me then it is me, it doesn’t know it is not to not be me. or something a like to that. I would have laughed shook my head and tried again. today he still would upload himself and happily be first in line, i wouldn’t and if i met his robot laugh and try and see if it can recognise it is not the original which knowing my friend would mean the robot would explode.

  2. went to see ‘lucy’ on friday. i won’t spoil it if you’re planning to go yourself, but it resonates quite strongly with this post. i’ve always thought the consciousness download concept was a dead duck, but could never articulate why.

  3. This is also related to your article – explains how to do telepathy with human and with machine! Isn’t this a half way to transfer your consciousness to a machine?

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