Words Whispered In A Moment Of Clarity

The Tools Of Caffeine

The Tools Of Caffeine

BLM Forest N of SUSANVILLE, CA—Early this morning, I expanded into Emptiness and watched my hands. They grasped the handle of a pan and lifted it out of a wire mesh box used to hold pans in place in a home that sometimes moves abruptly.

My hands and fingers delicately lifted the lid off the coffee can, then somehow grasped the spoon from off the counter and scooped out coffee grounds and poured them into the filter. My fingers, as if on their own, placed the spoon gently back on the counter with an amazing sense of beauty and precision.

As the water heated, She filled me. She whispered these words—words She wished me to pass on—as I stood watching the pan of water simmer:

Act selflessly and you will be rewarded.

Act selfishly and you will suffer.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Love.

At this moment, terrible things are being done by and for the Ego in the name of God.

I hope someday soon, those people too will hear the purity and truth of Her words… words whispered during a daily morning ritual.

Words whispered in a moment of clarity.

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3 thoughts on “Words Whispered In A Moment Of Clarity

  1. Perhaps even an awakened mind can take some comfort from knowing that the gift of your experience, shared as words, does more than fall back into the void unnoticed. I hear you and I am grateful that you make the effort to express your experience that others like myself may benefit.

    Thank you.



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