A Beer Session

The Original ATVs

The Original ATVs


July 22, 2015 10:01 AM

With this spiritual reboot, I’ve been happily screwing off as much as possible: reading fiction, playing computer games, meandering about aimlessly, exploring. After poking around Silverton for a couple days, I headed north yesterday and landed in this surprisingly private spot. A poor internet connection encouraged me to ponder a thought that has been vexing me, “What should I do next?

feel a change coming, but the direction’s been unclear. So yesterday—after finding this camp—I popped open the cargo door, sat down in the doorway, took in the mountains, absorbed the sunshine and had a couple of beers to loosen the creative juices.

In the interest of transparency, here are my notes from that session:


  • Work you can believe in (Seth Godin—July 19, 2015)
  • Maximum amount of Good
  • Love/Heart-based
  • New foundation? Maybe drop Mystical Oneness (assumption: “It worked for me, it will work for others.”) Maybe something simpler: “What is blocking your love?”
  • Earn a living from it? No, that’s not important. That’s fear, not Love. Let Her handle the money side of this life.


  • Love/Heart-based: Focus on Love flowing thru. Practice, practice, practice. Wait for Answer.
  • Maximize Good: Do videos once a month(week?). Create page/post for each video. On YouTube, say, “Go to X (page) to post comments,” (Don’t allow comments on YouTube, too many nondual fundamentalists there.)
  • Love/Heart: Shave head once a week. Reminder of Semi-Divine. Reminder of submission/humbleness/surrender.
  • The KEY is the Love flowing in and thru. Without this, there is no real-world foundation and everything is just mind-based (theory).
  • “Subscription-based, monthly writing accountability training group” (Christina Katz—sidebar). I like that term, “accountability.” Maybe a subscription-based Spiritual Accountability group?
  • Seasonal Talks? Solves expense involved with living in a fixed place. Find places to be hosted (someone to allow talks in their home). 1-3 months in a location then move on to next place. Dislike the commitment/restrictions though.

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7 thoughts on “A Beer Session

  1. Sounds great Wayne, workshops and training sessions… but You have to organize and do it, She’s not gonna do it for you lol. I believe u’r on the right track, lead with love.

  2. Hi, Wayne. I’ve been reading for less than a month, and enjoying your posts.

    Can you point me to your writing on nonduality fundamentalism?

    Liked this rambling piece. Makes me feel positive about the lists I make, the pondering I do.

    For what it is worth…what to do is easy…follow the next question in your mind. I get more of them every day than I can handle.

    The powerful kundalini vibration I am learning to process through the body and cells and out… and the love you feel… is the same divine energy. Nice to make the connection between mystical oneness and vibration and love. A continuum.

  3. I too have notes 🙂

    M: You need not chase the ‘I am’ to kill it. You cannot. All you need is a sincere longing for reality. We call it atma-bhakti, the love of the Supreme: or moksha-sankalpa, the determination to be free from the false. Without love, and will inspired by love, nothing can be done. Merely talking about Reality without doing anything about it is self-defeating. There must be love in the relation between
    the person who says ‘I am’ and the observer of that ‘I am’. As long as the observer, the inner self, the ‘higher’ self, considers himself apart from the observed, the ‘lower’ self, despises it and condemns it, the situation is hopeless. It is only when the observer (vyakta) accepts the person (vyakti) as a projection or manifestation of himself, and, so to say, takes the self into the Self, the duality of ‘I’ and ‘this’ goes and in the identity of the outer and the inner the Supreme Reality manifests itself.

    This union of the seer and the seen happens when the seer becomes conscious of himself as the seer, he is not merely interested in the seen, which he is anyhow, but also interested in being interested, giving attention to attention, aware of being aware. Affectionate awareness is the crucial factor that brings Reality into focus.

    “By constantly questioning whence thoughts arise, the time will come when your mind, unable to answer, will be free of even a ripple of thought. Yet even now you will find no answer. But still ask “What is this Mind?” to the very rock bottom and the questioning mind will suddenly vanish and your body feel as though it were without substance, like the empty-space of the ten quarters.” – Bassui Tokusho Zenji

    Relax and watch the ‘I am’.
    Reality is just behind it.
    Keep quiet, keep silent, it will emerge, or, rather, it will take you in.


  4. Would love to see all your photos in chronological order from the start of your van journey, six years ago, I believe it was?

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