A Cascade of Insights

Life Rarely Flows In Straight Lines

Life Rarely Flows In Straight Lines


October 5, 2015 7:36 AM

Last night, Michelle told me of how she had asked TaoGodHer for financial assistance and I went to bed with the intention of asking Her to help Michelle out but I fell asleep before I could finish and I had a dream.

And in the dream I stood in a field overlooking a clear running stream and in the field were cows and horses and sheep and while the adult animals were completely comfortable with my presence, the young were both curious but skittish and as a young calf hopped away as I attempted to pet her inquiring snout, I said (as I often say in waking life to the skittish), “It’s okay, I won’t harm you,” and I woke up.

And I felt wonderful love but also guilt and ineptitude for having fallen asleep before asking for help for Michelle and in my mind’s eye I suddenly saw Michelle from behind as she stared at a sign which pointed to the left and said, “Safe Harbor: 1 mile” and pointed to the right and said, “TaoGodHer: 5000 miles.”

And I realized I’d stood there before, that I’d see that sign a hundred times and no matter how far I travelled, the sign always said the same thing, “Safe Harbor: 1 mile. TaoGodHer: 5000.”

And I was suddenly overwhelmed with insights and tears of gratitude rolled down my cheeks and I realized the Truth: That to the mind, TaoGodHer is always far away.

And let me say that again for it is worth repeating and remembering:

To the Mind, TaoGodHer is ALWAYS far away.

And as I lay there, weeping in gratitude, I realized another Truth: That to the heart, God is the blood flowing through it.

And I realized what a fool I have been, for this place that I find myself, this overwhelming feeling of the Divine flowing though and bringing this me-thing to life isn’t I, the Eternal nor I, the Divine nor I, the Illumined nor any of the dozen other terms I had sought to call it.

It isn’t I, the anything.

It’s simply: I LOVE.

I am such a fool.

I LOVE: The Divine incarnate in us all.

To the Mind, God is always far away, but to the Heart, God is the blood flowing through it.

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12 thoughts on “A Cascade of Insights

  1. It’s a funny thing …

    My own experience is usually “TaoGodHer — you are here. Safe Harbor, nowhere on the map.” (This varies from one moment to the next, but it’s a fairly consistent theme.)

  2. It’s been that way for a pretty long time. One of the things that caught me by surprise is, I was expecting to find some sort of absolute anchor that would stabilize the transience and create a sense of safe harbor.

    There is a sense of being anchored in the Absolute when one lives from the level of silent, witness consciousness. However, when one expands from the witness and brings all the diversity of the world within the sphere of oneness, there is no longer a separate, still point one can retreat to.

    No safe harbor.

    Instead, what I found is, everything is permeated by TaoGodHer, and everything is even more dynamic and fluid than before. Only everything flows WITHIN TaoGodHer. The big picture is one of wholeness, perfection and “all is well and wisely put,” but on a more mundane level, sometimes things seem uncertain and unsafe.

    There’s a sense of falling, endlessly falling with nowhere solid to land. And then, eventually one discovers, one isn’t falling at all. One is soaring, but there’s still nowhere to land.

    There is only air and sky and God.

  3. Thank you. Now I understand the quote:
    From Intelligence I know that I am nothing. From Love I know that I am everything. Nisargadatta

  4. It bears mention, in Zen there’s a phrase, “hiding in emptiness” that refers to the sanctuary, the safe harbor, the witness state provides. One feels grounded in the eternal, silent, transcendent Vastness, untouched by all the uncertainty and turmoil of the ever-changing world. Getting stuck hiding in emptiness is a hazard that must be navigated with care.

    Nonetheless, awakening to the Witness is an important, major awakening. But the Witness awakening is only a way station, a base camp halfway up the mountain. Eventually, one moves on from the Witness awakening, to the greater Oneness that embraces the entirety of existence, time-bound and eternal, form and formless, individual and Universal, in the completeness of TaoGodHer.

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