A Little Detective Work

The Telltale Mountain

The Telltale Mountain


December 10, 2015 3:36 PM

With all the blood I’d lost over the last few weeks (kidding, sort of), I decided to order a Skull Shaver because I really suck at this shaving the head thing. I like the shaved head, but not all the nicks and cuts and scabs which would just open up again whenever I’d shave again.

But I made a mistake when I ordered it from Amazon, I requested 2-day shipping (because, let’s face it, who knows where they’ll be living in two days?), but Amazon ships 2-day orders via UPS and I had given a General Delivery address and UPS doesn’t deliver to post offices so I had to break my wonderful previous camp and drive down to Nogales, AZ to pick up the package yesterday.

But it wasn’t a problem. A problem is just a mistake taken personally. 

So I spent the night down in Nogales, then worked on the book this morning in a coffeeshop, then headed up to Patagonia after lunch. With the entire afternoon to find a camp, I decided to challenge myself and see if I could find the exact spot that some of my nomad friends had found near Patagonia three years ago based strictly on information in this post.

So when I came to a four-way intersection of two dirt roads on a vast and open grassland, I knew I had the right area, but no clue where in the vastness they had camped. So I sat at the intersection and I thought like Boonie thinks (the guy who had found the place) and I knew he would have thought two things when he sat at that very intersection: “Where is the cell tower?” and/or “Which road is heading upward?” The answer to both of these questions would have increased the cell reception needed to access the internet—and Boonie loves the internet. (And who doesn’t? It’s a wonderful thing. It’s like magic.)

As luck would have it, both the direction of the cell tower and the road heading to higher elevations were up the same road. So I turned up it and bumbled along and a little further down the road I was able to line up the mountains in one of the photos in Randy’s post with some of the mountains behind it which led me directly to the campsites they had stayed in over three years ago.

Nailed it on the first attempt with no wrong turns. That was very rewarding.

And I can see why they wanted to keep this place a secret, it’s beautiful up here. And that is very rewarding too.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Detective Work

  1. I very much appreciate you not spilling the beans. Some people think that that is ungenerous, but in fact, it is just the opposite. Being spoon-fed all the answers in advance tends to rob a place of its magic. It suffices to be pointed in a general direction, and be assured that “Seek, and ye shall find”, and then let the reader work out the rest of it on their own. Only then will it be theirs.

    In a sense, the best blogger is like the best teacher.

    • Boonie, you’re scaring me—because you’re starting to talk just like me. I’m always saying you have to live this stuff, not just read about it (though I’m not talking about dispersed camping). 🙂

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