A Lost Document

A "Lucky" Camp on the Piedra River

A “Lucky” Camp on the Piedra River


July 7, 2015 8:36 AM

I turned down a dirt road that paralleled the Piedra river, and though all the dispersed campsites were already taken, at the very last one—just before the road headed up and away from the water—a family pulled out at the exact moment that I was pulling up.

Though there was no Signal here (internet), I took the “coincidence” as a sign and made camp anyway. Was it a form of manifestation (I wanted a camp along the river) or did She have something in mind for me (a form of guidance)? I didn’t know… I never know.

Because there was no Signal—because so much of what I do is online—my routine was interrupted and some tasks I had been excited about working on couldn’t be finished: Replacing the book covers on The Complete Works page with Kindle versions, and starting a new “Best of WW” book (I know, I know. When are you going to get serious about The Way of Mystical Oneness?)

Anyway, because I couldn’t get online, I was poking around at some old folders on my computer and came across a PDF that someone had sent me years ago of a manually typed transcript of a gathering from Adyashanti’s early days (March 1999). In it, he talks about his pre-awakened life and practices, his awakenings (plural), and his adapting to post-awakening. Basically a (very) condensed version of what I’ve been blogging about for the last six years or so: The awakening, the mystery, and the integration process.

I’ve only gotten about half-way through (it’s 50 pages), but already I’ve gained some supporting material for what I’ve gone (and am going) through, plus some insights into areas where I could still use some “development.” I put development in quotes because at this stage, all growth that I’m aware I need seems to be about letting go. Particularly:

  • Trust in Her guidance (Where will I sleep tonight? What should I do next? Where should I go from here? Faith in my future. “Holding” a question and waiting for an answer.)
  • Allowing the Love to flow (Heart opening. Monitoring what is stopping Her Love from flowing through me.)

If I hadn’t stopped here in this Signal-less zone—if that family of campers hadn’t left at that exact moment—who knows when (or if) I would have found that lost Adyashanti document and the clarification of the next steps in my spiritual development.

Synchronistically, these events are a perfect example of “Trust in Her guidance,” one of the things I listed above which I still (can you believe that?) need to work on.

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2 thoughts on “A Lost Document

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am a sort of newbie at vandwelling (since March) and have been following your blog. I especially needed this reminder on trusting and heart-opening as I get ready to head from California to upstate New York again. I really appreciate hearing about your spiritual journey as I continue on my own. Many thanks!

  2. If you haven’t read it yet, “The End of Your World” by Adyashanti is right on with dealing with post awakening.
    I would add, the monitoring of heart is an excellent way to go but, question and holding not so much. Projection of some future circumstance puts you in mind based awareness. Trust you will know in hindsight of events that your heart was true or not.

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