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The Crystal Clear Stream

The Crystal Clear Stream


October 6, 2015 3:58 PM

After working all morning on the book, almost without realizing it, I found myself leaving Bend.

With no destination in mind, I followed a main highway through the forest until a side road beckoned (whispered)…

And then another side road…

Until I came to a T-intersection with a sign pointing left, Camping, and a sign pointing right, Dead End, and I thought of yesterday’s post, and I thought of Michelle’s trials… and I smiled.

Left: Camping (Safe Harbor).

Right: Dead End (TaoGodHer).

The decision was easy. I wouldn’t be much of a Mystic (nor much help to Michelle) if the decision was hard.

I turned to the right, down the dirt rutted road, unsure of what lay ahead, but filled with an odd certainty of faith.

Down the entire length of road, I found not a single camp.

Until I came to the Dead End, where I found a beautiful, crystal clear creek…

And a wonderful, secluded site all to my Self.

And of course…


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2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Synchronicity. A Wonderful Site.

  1. Although I sent this successfully through the Contact link, I’m trying a third time to post this in the comments section (this time taking out some slashes to see if that was the problem).

    I’ve spent the past several days reading your van dwelling posts and wishing I could be where you are both in terms of traveling and in terms of spirituality. Because I have a wife and a special needs son, hitting the open road as yet is not an option (not to mention that getting all three of us to agree is difficult at times).

    Because I work with my son, I do have some time to myself during the day (when it isn’t taken up with errands, tasks, chores, etc.) when I could attempt to begin some sort of spiritual journey. Reading through some of your posts inspired me to begin thinking musically. (I write lyrics as both a form of therapy and an expression of creativity.) While they may not fully coincide with your philosophy, your posts inspired the following (not yet completed). Keep up the good work!

    Out on the open road
    I seek to find my way
    But She who guides all things
    Has different plans this day

    She is reminding me
    That what I think is mine
    Is given out on loan
    To me on borrowed time

    Trying to sit back and let be
    To close my eyes that I might see
    Beyond the world around to find the truth within
    Letting go of holding on — to begin

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