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July 3, 2015 5:24 PM

I watched this BATGAP interview with Adyashanti and Francis Bennett this afternoon. I didn’t take notes, but I’d like to point out a couple cool things.

First, if you personally know anyone who is awake, Adya’s book, Resurrecting Jesus is a must read if you wish to understand them better (and what they’ve gone (or are going) through).

As I mentioned in my own BATGAP interview, the initial awakening—the seeing through and dropping of the personal self/story—is largely mind-based and creates a sense of separation between you (whatever that is) and your thoughts and story. This initial, mental awakening feels like (at least it did to me) the top of your head opens up and the old you (ego) shoots upward. Or as I wrote in Fading Toward Enlightenment:

At dawn on the beach on a late autumn morning, as I sat in silent meditation, I felt a tingle cover my skin and my ego shot straight out my head.

Right out the crown I felt it go, and what remained surprised me. For what is left when you drop Yourself? What is left when you are empty?

The above satori experience didn’t last that time, but it does illustrate something Adya said in the video about the “ascending of Spirit.”

They then talk about “embodying your enlightenment” and is what I called in my BATGAP video “integrating it.” The key feature here is the “descending of Spirit” and the opening of the Heart. This descending movement was reflected in my own development as I learned to surrender more and more to Her and which felt like Divine Love moving down from above, through the head and into the heart.

So their interview is confirming something I’ve recently been saying, that there’s two big parts to awakening: The initial (really big) awakening which is mostly mind-based and is accompanied with an upward and outward movement; and the later heart opening/awakening (many people never get to this because they think they are “done”) which feels like a downward, entering movement of Love from above.

A couple more things stood out for me:

  • Adya calling himself Consciousness but acknowledging that this isn’t right either (which coincides with my “me thing, whatever that is”)
  • What I went through recently with the Mystic’s Dilemma. I love Adya’s term for it: “Enlightened duality” (She/We/I separate and One)
  • The acknowledgement of a dramatic increase in synchronicity (manifestation of desires)
  • Rick asking about “the mechanics” of synchronicity and both Adya and Francis kind of shrugging (and me wanting to shout to them, “It’s Her, dammit. Her!”)

Those last two points are further evidence of the TaoGodHer… that the less there is of you (there’s very little “you” in either Francis or Adya), the more there is of Her.

Please set aside some time to watch or listen to their interview. You’ll find it’s time well spent.

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3 thoughts on “Adya and Francis on BATGAP

  1. I checked and Adya’s book “Resurrecting Jesus” was indeed on my Wish List, so I placed a Kindle order immediately. Thank you Wayne, Frank

  2. I have “Resurrecting Jesus” on my Kindle, downloaded when you last recommended it, but I have not read it yet.

    This video is worth viewing several times. I have watched it twice and have picked up on different points each time. Thank you for posting the link.

  3. Thanks Frank and Page. There are a couple more points they mention in the video that have been coming to mind in the last couple days (Jesus’ humanity and perfect (dead) teachers). I hope to do a blog post on those subjects soon.

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