An 80/20 Path to Inner Peace

The Mountains Aglow

The Mountains Aglow


November 18, 2015 12:55 PM

We may not believe everything we read or hear, but if the source of what we are “hearing” comes from our mind, don’t we almost always believe it?

From a dialog with Michelle

Wayne: Why are you suffering? Not why are you hurting, but why are you suffering?

Michelle: Because my mind sees the emotions and their stories as part of me and my story, and they both weigh so heavily on the me.

When I can see the emotions for what they are, not me, they can’t wait to leave and I’m no longer suffering from their presence anymore. They rush right on out.

Michelle made a very good point, she recognized that when she is the witness to her emotions (“they are not me”), they cease to bother her.

But then, She/We/I asked (and this is one of those cases of the words not coming from this stupid-as-in-dumb me-thing):

Wayne: So you suffer because you BELIEVE what your mind is telling you?

Where the hell did that come from? Michelle made an excellent point, but then She/We/I just dismissed it out of hand and asked her about something so obvious as believing her mind. Doesn’t everyone believe their mind? What’s up with that?

But then I started to think about it and I liked where it led. Combine the ideas from the last few posts and you have an almost perfect shortcut to inner peace:

When you realize that you are caught up in your mind (you’ll be believing it), simply shift your focus to the highest, most stable, spiritual level you have access to.

The 80/20 rule says that often 80 percent of our rewarding experiences comes from only 20 percent of our efforts. This technique seems like an excellent example of the 80/20 rule:

  1. Become a Soul. You don’t need to be enlightened for this, just do some research.
  2. When you realize you are caught up in negative thoughts, shift your focus, your identity, to no longer being human. See yourself as an ethereal, disembodied entity—not a human being—and watch as whatever is bothering you fades from a personal problem to just an impersonal situation.

Obviously if you have stable access to higher levels, this becomes more effective, but quite frankly, the Soul is perfectly adequate for handling practically all negative thoughts and emotions.

I think I just put myself out of business. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “An 80/20 Path to Inner Peace

  1. Wayne, this article is crispy clear to me. I have a good example of changing focus. One day many years ago (around 5) I decided that I fed up with cops pulling me over for speeding or any other issue. I’ve told myself: “I am not interested in this anymore”, and magic happened. Since, I didn’t get a single ticket.

  2. Good insight! Besides, a master is not really “in business” to do anything. We are all mirrors for each other. The emptier the “mind” the cleaner the reflecting surface.
    I enjoy your teaching overall, – how to integrate the detached, disembodied spirit with the physical manifestation of “human”, using practical real world experiences. That real-ization is what ascended masters try to instill in all of us.
    Safe travels and happy holidays Wayne/ everyone. 🙂

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