Another Test: The Shooters

4 Mile Creek

4 Mile Creek


August 14, 2015 10:24 AM

“Are you shooting?” he asked and I knew, from the pistols they were sporting, they weren’t talking about taking pictures.

“No, I’m camped here.”

He looked over at his buddy, who slid a little to the left to get a clean shot should things go south. “You want to move your van? This is sort of an ‘unofficial’ shooting range around these parts,” he said looking me dead in the eye as his hand moved toward his weapon.

I smiled and pointed toward my tires and the big rocks I had placed under them. “It took me forever to level this sucker, and I’m not about to move. Besides,” I said, nodding to the old fire ring, “this is an obvious campsite. No shooter worth a damn would build a fire at a range… bad for the night vision.”

He stared at me for a few moments, evaluating if further intimidation tactics would work, then he sighed and looked away, disappointed. “Well, I know a backup spot down the road,” and without another word he and his silent partner climbed into their truck and drove off.

The shift from the personal self to the Witness (what many call “enlightenment”) is followed by a series of Trials divinely designed to help you adapt to your new identity.

I suspect something similar is happening to me with this new I, the Eternal identity—the result of the resolution of the Mystic’s Dilemma and the following O/S reboot. These trials—the coedsthe thief, the shooters—were each little tests designed to help me adapt to this new, more inclusive (I, an Eternal Being) perspective:

  • The compassion shown towards the coeds who were authentically in need of a campsite.
  • The non-violence toward the thief (I’m pretty sure he was intending to steal gas).
  • The “friendly assertiveness” shown toward the shooters who were trying to intimidate.

I think I passed each of these tests, each which presented an unusual opportunity to test my “real-world balance.”

Anyway, I stayed the night right where I was, then moved this morning while my mind kept warning me, “You’ll never find a good camp this close to the weekend,” and then was promptly led to this fine spot on a creek with a strong Signal and plenty of privacy.

Of interest (something I just realized) is that in each of the tests above, I was rewarded for my actions:

  • The Coeds: Unexpectedly meeting Randy, Kat, Phil and Stephanie.
  • The Thief: Distinctly feeling the deep love of the mother for her mentally challenged son.
  • The Shooters: Effortlessly finding this sweet campsite.

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