Black and White and Backwards

The Rock in the Rogue

The Rock in the Rogue


October 17, 2015 8:49 AM

Yesterday’s postintentionally silly and extreme, demonstrates a technique that has served me well over the years in understanding both my Self and human nature in general.

I never had a name for this technique before, but maybe “Black and White and Backwards” would best describe it.

Last night, while lying in bed, I heard a gunshot in the distance. Since I was “camped” in the heart of a small city/large town (Medford, OR), gunfire seemed out of place. Based on gender alone, the odds are 50/50 whether the shooter was a male or a female, but if I had to bet (and I’m certain you’d make the same wager), I’d put my money on “Male” as to who fired the gun.

(Note: My true feelings about gun-control can be found here.)

Yesterday’s post was probably inspired by Tuti’s question about the Fight Syndrome and enlightenmentViolence in modern society is something I’ve been trying to get to the root of since way back in my pre-awakened days (see The Male Battle Dance).

So yesterday, I applied the “Black and White and Backwards” technique to the issue of male-dominated violence.

This technique is a simple mental exercise where you try to think in very black and white terms (to clarify/reveal a pattern), put yourself in the other’s shoes, but (and this is the key), but instead of trying to think like they do, you think like you normally do and see what is wrong with the picture.

A perfect example of this technique in action is the story of meeting my Frog Master. We were in a “meditation dual.” I was putting myself in his shoes, sitting on a rock in the sun (the Backwards part), while trying to meditate (simplifying to Black and White by sitting still and doing nothing). What was “wrong with the picture” was that he could do it effortlessly and it was driving me crazy. This of course led to a very tactile, real-world insight: Thoughts (which my Frog Master didn’t have) are illusions and were the source of all my suffering.

This insight led directly the the awakening of me-as-the-Witness.

So I applied the same Black and White and Backwards technique on trying to understand the “Fight Syndrome” which males seem to be genetically infected with at birth: Reverse the gender roles, but still think like a man.

When read this way, suddenly yesterday’s post isn’t so bizarre, in fact—concerning the sick Law #2 (all women can legally kill up to two men in the course of their lifetime)—I’d be willing to bet that many (if not most men) would want more that just two “Get out of jail free for killing an adult male” chits. How many guys haven’t fantasized about “using one of their chits” on Jihadi John?

But by playing with this mental exercise, as disturbing as it is, it revealed a few insights very clearly:

  1. Women (as a whole) are more civilized than men
  2. Men are still violent cavemen biologically
  3. Men are the instigators of almost all violence in the world (because of #2 in this list)
  4. To curb or balance Violence (violence seen as a living archetype), more women (because of #1 above) should be given more control of weapons of violence (physical weapons as well as political weapons)

And that, my friends, is what yesterday’s post was all about: A mental exercise designed to reveal patterns, insights, and possible solutions.

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7 thoughts on “Black and White and Backwards

  1. I found this and your previous post interesting. However, I have a problem with generalizationsome about gender. I have never owned a gun, have never wanted to own a gun, and aside from childhood fights with my sister, have never hit a woman. On the other hand, I have been in a position where an act of violence on my part could have prevented physical abuse against my mother, and I was not able to act.

    Perhaps I am the exception that proves your points, but while you did offer a qualifier to your first point, points two and three come across as more absolute, which bothers me.

    • Please don’t take my words only at face value—I don’t pour over them or think them through very deeply (this is a blog, not a book). I probably put as much thought into them as I put into writing comments on blog posts. 🙂

      But as to the generalizations: If you heard a gunshot in the night as I mentioned above, what sex would you “bet on” as having pulled the trigger? Not knowing anything about the physical abuse against your mother, I’d bet that it was a male. I could be wrong obviously, but you see the point. Men are far more violent than women—I don’t need to clarify that statement with “as a whole” because you already realize that, that life isn’t black and white.

      They person who fired that gunshot last night? Probably a guy. The person who abused your mother? Probably a guy. Not all guys are violent, but most violence is performed by guys.

      • Hmm . . . While you offer a sort of qualifier for your positive statement about women, you present your statements about men as more absolute, more black and white, as it were. In it’s way, your conclusions about men are as bad as some of the comments being made with regard to women. Absolute statements from either side of this pendulum do little to promote spiritual growth or oneness in my opinion. Nor do they seem to come from a place of spiritual love.

  2. Since you have never been a woman you are forgetting something. Women are perpetual schemers. I have seen this first hand. They constantly wonder what others are thinking relating to them. They are constantly plotting for advantages within their social circles. This is the way of the woman. Most are non-violent but would be more prone to murdering others if they had just a little more testosterone.

    Men don’t operate this way. They get down to business and don’t worry so much about others. I’m not saying they never do it but they do it far less. Think about that.

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