Just Prior to Rebirth

Just Prior to Rebirth


September 20, 2015 9:00 AM

“How long ago was the fire that burned around here?” I asked.

“Yesterday. It’s been burning for the last month. You’re lucky though, tomorrow we’ll be announcing it as ‘Under control.'”

I looked around, not at all surprised with my luck.

“It’s oddly beautiful,” I said, “The undergrowth all burned away really opens up the forest.”

“You’ve got a good camp here too, not too much damage. Come back next year, all this will be lush and green. That stream behind you, my whole life, I’ve never seen it flowing so well.”

On the side of his truck it said, “BLM/FIRE” and—even though there was no Signal—I asked if it was alright to camp here. He said it was and to enjoy myself and re-iterated how lucky I was.

I broke camp the next morning—yesterday—in search of the ever elusive combination of Signal + Forest and found them a dozen miles or so past Unity. As I pulled down a dirt road, She whispered, “Not here,” but my mind said, “Yes. Here,” and it gave me a list of reasons to listen to it: Connectivity, privacy, and Google maps showing dispersed sites just down the road.

So I listened to my mind and a hundred yards later hit a deep pothole that was hidden in the dark shadows and I heard a loud crash and looked back over my shoulder to see the board holding my main shelf had torn loose from the wall and fallen to the floor—along with all my supplies.

I stopped, straightened things up as best I could, turned around and left the area where She had warned, “Not here.”

Come back next year, all this will be lush and green.

Destruction. An opportunity to re-build.

“Not here,” She whispered.


“Not here,” She warned.

The mind: It’s a terrible thing to take it seriously.

Someday I’ll learn that lesson.

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