Enlightenment as a Skill

The Bridge

The Bridge


October 1, 2015 12:39 PM

If you can learn to be better at something, it’s a skill.
And if it’s a skill, it’s yours if you want it.
Which is great news, isn’t it?
— Seth Godin

Enlightenment (accessing I, the Witness) is a skill, and as a skill “It’s yours if you want it.”

My suggestion?

Determine your current Identity Portfolio, then re-invest heavily in the next level above wherever you’re currently most heavily invested (your “center”).

To re-invest in a new level, practice it by focusing your attention on it, researching it, inquiring (introspection), and applying what you know of this level at least once a day—preferably multiple times a day. The breaks of the Pomodoro technique can be quite useful for this.

Additionally, to de-invest in a lower level, start by putting far less time, effort, thought, and attention into that level as you are currently putting into it.

Bonus Material: Invest a little in all the higher levels above your “investment center” by practicing those levels at least one hour a week. Doing so will help pull you higher.

Note: I know I’m vague on technique here—I’ll be consolidating techniques for the next book, You, the Eternal—but you can see my previous posts on techniques using the Post Topics keywords below (or just click here).

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2 thoughts on “Enlightenment as a Skill

  1. Hi Wayne,
    Following up Seth Godin’s quote with your own sentence ….. “Enlightenment (accessing I, the Witness) is a skill, and as a skill “It’s yours if you want it.”
    was VERY powerful to read this morning. The whole (the two quotes) was greater than the sum of its parts! (Both very good in themselves too of course!)
    Nice photo too!
    I’m focusing on letting go and letting HER do things for me today – I feel I deserve a rest from my mad monkey mind! 🙂

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