Fear and Focus


November 14, 2015 7:21 AM

Yesterday was a relatively unheard of two-post day for me. I thought it was odd that I felt so compelled to write about The Messiah right at that moment and not wait until another day. But as I was writing yesterday’s post about a fanatical believer—unbeknownst to me—Paris was being brutally attacked by fanatical believers.

Today I was going to post something I wrote over a week ago, the last of the series of life changing levels—of TaoGod(I), of Love flowing through and embodying us, of such a potential for humanity…—but today, the words would fall on deaf ears. Not because people are incapable of understanding them, but because their attention—their focus—is on pain and suffering and a frightening future as we are inundated with the horrors of the Paris attacks.

Today, I want to write about the big picture problem, the problem that may very well end human existence if we don’t address it before “civilization” can kill us all off.

I’ll try to spell it out very simply and clearly:

The root of practically all of the problems in this world can be found in our FOCUS on fear.

We become what we focus on.

If you focus on your TV, Gilligan’s island troubles become your own.

If you focus on these words, these ideas saturate you, become you for the moment.

If you focus on your tennis elbow, the pain becomes your world.

Our reality becomes what we observe.

Let me say that again,

Our reality becomes what we observe—what we FOCUS on.

While writing computer code, I become the code.

While watching a movie on the big screen, I’m in the movie.

While in basic training in the Army, I wanted to kill “the enemy” because I was immersed in (focused on) talks and thoughts and techniques of killing and bad guys and good guys and heroic conflict.

Because I was focused on killing, I wanted to kill. The story: “Be a hero! Kill bad guys!” I wanted to kill (be a hero!). That’s all I was focused on.

Practically all the problems that arise in this world can be traced back to focusing on fear.

Fears that are amplified by media to increase viewership.

Fears that are amplified by fanatics to drive their agenda.

If we focus on the movie, we become the movie.

If we focus on fear, we become fearful.

And when we become fearful, we become defensive.

And when we become defensive…

(just like any animal defending itself)…

we become violent.

Turn off the TV for a moment. Look around. Focus on what is physical and real and here and now.

In the Physical and the Real and the Here and the Now, what is there to be afraid of?

Fear is only in your head.

Let me say that again,

Fear is only in your head.

Fear is NOT in the Physical and the Real and the Here and the Now.

Fear only arises via our attention—via our mind’s focus—and when it does arise it “becomes us” because we are left with no easy option but to focus on it.

Now turn on the TV news, focus on it, and watch once again as you become manipulated by the agenda of others—through fear.

Focus on fear… and violence and pain and suffering will manifest in your world. Violence and pain and suffering become your world.

What is the solution for fear?

Focus on the Physical and the Real and the Here and the Now.

It’s as simple as that.

And it’s entirely your choice.

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12 thoughts on “Fear and Focus

  1. It is so true Wayne, I became aware of the Paris situation late yesterday and after processing it with its opposite: FAITH, left my attention….until this morning reading your post about it!!! I try to practice what we have learned in our Awakening Path and wear the world as a loose garment…as some Master long ago put it. In my experience is a lot easier to practice with the world at large but I get caught more likely when it happens close to home, meaning the family of origin or my own body. Still working at that and just applying forgiveness to it all understanding that really, really, really, nothing is happening, nothing has happened and nothing will ever happen apart the “movie” the “story” the conditioned habitual ego mind is fabricating.
    Happy trails…I am enjoying the desert as of today, hurray!!!

    • “I get caught more likely when it happens close to home, meaning the family of origin or my own body.”

      Thanks for that Maggie, that’s a blog post in itself: Since we value what is important to us, we defend what we value (which causes us some distress).

  2. I like where you are now !
    Thank God you “listened” and procrastinated on the book.
    Now your whole journey really has something to offer.
    All the best.

  3. Good post! As human beings, we do get caught up and identify with world events and how we relate to the “Story” via personal experiences.
    But as long as there is a perception of “i”, there will always be perceived fear b/c our consciousness becomes too attached to physical outcome, hence Karma and all these related concepts.
    So how do you propose we, as a species -[physically mentally programmed for fight or flight], transcend this innate fear emotion? How is it possible if we all still identify with “our” mind? The answer is obvious but oh so elusive! 🙂

  4. Hi Wayne,

    great post, love it.

    It reminds me of a cartoon. On the first picture you can see a man looking at the TV. A desperate looking reporter is shouting out “What can we do to lessen the grip of fear of terrorism!” The man is looking at the TV with a clear expresion of fear and helplesness on his face, as he listens to the reporter.

    The next thing he does is taking the remote control. “CLICK”, he shuts down the TV, turns his head to the viewer of the cartoon, with an expresion of relaxation and hapiness. He smiless brightelly, like a man who has found a way out.

  5. Reading your comment about becoming what you focus on triggered this thought: If you substitute the word becoming with identifying it describes the fundamental problem many non-dualists talk about. The Absolute or Infinite Consciousness (Tao/God/Her) narrows its focus in a human form to such an extent it identifies with the form completely and loses track of its true nature. The trick then is to relax or soften this intense, exclusive focus in order to recapture more of the wider reality that we are. We photographers need to zoom out to see more of what is.

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