Fleeting And Unstable And Uncertain

A Feather Found Upright

A Feather Found Upright


October 2, 2015 2:23 PM

A sound awoke me. Was it a cop? A car thief? A bear? A bull? As is often the case when woken from a sound sleep, I couldn’t remember where I had parked so I didn’t know where I was, and the tinted windows kept me from seeing out.

Practically everything in my life is fleeting and unstable and uncertain. Most days I won’t know where I’ll sleep that night, I won’t know anything about the town I’m in, I won’t know if I’m in a bad neighborhood where I should lock the doors when I go into a store, or if the police will threaten me with vagrancy just for sitting in my van.

I won’t know if I’m camped in a flash flood zone, nor if a raging storm is heading my way over the mountain. I won’t know if a shadow lurking ten feet away is a bear or mountain lion or deer. I am simply in the dark on almost everything around me.

Practically everything about my life is fleeting and unstable and uncertain.

Practically everything.

She’s stable though. TaoGodHer is stable and certain and permanent.

And because I arise from Her (as do you), I sleep like a baby.

I still don’t know what caused the sound that woke me up last night, but it, like most everything else in my life—like most everything in everyone’s life—was fleeting (and unstable and uncertain).

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4 thoughts on “Fleeting And Unstable And Uncertain

  1. I smile when I hear birds landing and hopping on my van roof. Sometimes they talk so I know what is going on. The first time I didn’t know what it was until I saw the bird fly away.

    The other day I heard an eagle screeching in a tree in Griffith Park Los Angeles. Then I watched it take off. I’m glad it didn’t land on my van.

  2. Thanks for this, Wayne.

    Monday I was diagnosed with Lyme disease (early, non-disseminated, should respond well to treatment). For whatever reason, possibly a die-off reaction from the antibiotics, I’ve been in a gray mood, low energy, gotten less done this week than I’d hoped. Today was another gray, not very productive day. I’ve children to feed, mortgage to pay, heating season starting, no reserves. Gotta get stuff done. Your post, above, was a reassuring reminder. All’s well and wisely put.

    “Everything is perfect. When we say that, we think that it should be perfectly good. But it could also be perfectly bad. It’s still perfect.” ~ Russel Williams

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