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Tree 2

Tree 2


August 21, 2015 11:08 AM

I understand now why I had so much trouble writing The Awakening of a Mystic. It consistently felt “clunky” because the concept wasn’t complete enough, too much autobiography with not enough theory, while other attempts were too much theory without enough first-person perspective.

What She/We/I came up with recently—as a result of the Reboot and the Map and the I, the Eternal—is a two book series: I, the Eternal (the Map (theory) presented though a first-person autobiography) and You, the Eternal (a follow-up workbook with practical applications and practices and the more traditional third-person voice).

But what I want to share with you today, especially for the writers among you, is the software program, Tree 2 (Mac only).

I’ve used many outline and mind-mapping programs over the years, but this is by far the best and most intuitive. It makes it a joy to flesh out your thoughts.

A couple key features I really like:

  • The two-dimensional aspect. Opening up the right side of the page with the (optional) horizontal layout of a tree node provides a lot more information on one screen.
  • Tabs. Being able to “break off” a node into a separate tab makes it easy to focus on a concept. Re-attaching the node to the tree/outline is as simple as closing the tab.
  • Easy to pick up. You don’t have to re-learn the software whenever you start a new project. It is very intuitive.
  • Simple. It does one thing, outlining, very well and doesn’t confuse or clutter up the program with a bunch of features you may never use.

While Tree 2 is great for writers, I can see it being quite useful for anyone needing to flesh out ideas: Engineers, programmers, project managers, big home projects, ….

It’s free to download and try out. I’m really loving it and it has definitely helped motivate me to work on the book(s) (and no, I don’t make a dime off recommending it).

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