My Fine Feathered Friends

My Fine Feathered Friends


October 8, 2015 4:55 PM

I AM: The culmination of the Mind opening.

I LOVE: The culmination of the Heart opening.

I AM: The integration of the Witness with the Witnessed.

I LOVE: The integration of the Mystic with the Divine.

I AM: Mind. Intelligence.

I LOVE: Heart. Emotion.


Maybe there’s a connection.

TaoGodHer is Intelligent Love.

And when you think about itYou are Intelligent Love.

TaoGodHer … You.

Maybe there’s a connection there too.

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4 thoughts on “I AM. I LOVE.

  1. For decade now, I have taken this bible quote VERY literally: “for God is love.”

    This is a wonderful, true and simple way to draw that path. Thanks.

  2. Although he writes from more of a Western tradition, your blog posts remind me a bit of Neale Donald Walsch (if you are familiar with him). His initial volume in the Conversations With God series helped me to my head around some issues I was having with the whole idea of a Divine presence. He espouses the idea that God is love and also that God is in each of us as each of us is in God – God is us and we are God, in essence. Not sure why, but I am also reminded of the Hindu saying that there are hundreds of paths up the mountain (i.e., many paths to God). Great post.

  3. “He realized that Ananda is Brahman; for from Ananda, verily, are these beings born; by Ananda, when born, do they live; into Ananda, at the time of dissolution, do they enter, do they merge.” ~ Taittiriya Upanishad

    “Ananda” is typically translated “bliss” or “happiness,” but like many Sanskrit words, no single English word can convey the meaning.

    Ananda refers to a sublime bliss that is infinitely greater than mere happiness. It is the transcendent joy that interconnects all existence: sublime, beatific, universal love.

    “He realized that love is Brahman; for from love, verily, are these beings born; by love, when born, do they live; into love, at the time of dissolution, do they enter, do they merge.”

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