I, the Ego: I Believe (My Mind)

Fence in a Field on an Overcast Day

Fence in a Field on an Overcast Day


September 24, 2015 12:39 PM

It seems to me one of the key features—one of the key problems—of the I, the Ego level, is that I, as an Ego, believe what my mind tells me.

My mind tells me that the structure over there is a fence, so I believe in the fence.

My mind tells me, while I’m asleep and having a nightmare, that I am being chased by a headless horseman, and I believe it.

My mind tells me that I am a man, a nomad, a writer, a smart guy, and I, the Ego believes I am all these things.

Everything I, the Ego believes in, it takes personally.

“Seriously, I see that fence! Don’t tell me I don’t, you son of a bitch!”

“He’s right on my tail! I’ve got to run faster! (That son of a bitch.)”

“Stupid? You think I’m stupid? You son of a bitch!”

Realizing the state of I, the Witness is the hardest step in our spiritual quest. Why? Because we—as I, the Ego—believe everything our minds tell us…

And our minds tells us we—as personalities, as pasts, as roles—are real. That we are our personality, our past, our roles.

I, the Ego: I believe my mind.

I, the Witness: I experience my mind.

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